A must-have film for today’s younger generation, Kadathal will hit the theaters in July.

Kadathal, a film based on a real-life kidnapping, hits theaters in July

Kadathal has been made into a crime thriller film.
Released in July.

Presented by PNP Creations and Prime Associates with D.Nirmala Devi Nallasi
South Indian Protections,
Produced by the movie “Kidnapping”

This film is directed by Salangai Durai, who has directed films like Karan, Vadivelu, Kathavarayan, Kathir, Honey Rose-starrer Kantharvan and Kasthuri-starrer EPGO 302.

M.R. Damodar is making his debut as the hero of this film. Vidisha and Riya are playing the heroines. And Sudha, Shadows Ravi, Singam Puli, Tamil Vanan, R. Jayachandran, Ravikanth, Adi Venkatachalam, K. Sabapathi, Santhosh, Mohan Reddy, Master Tarun, Praveen, and many more.

Cinematography – Rajselva
Music – M. Srikanth
Songs – Bawalar Eghil Vanan, Ilakyan, Shakti Perumal.
Editing – AL.Ramesh
Fighting Training – Kungfu Sanduru
Dance – Roshan Ramana
Production Supervision – Malliyampatti Madhavan.
Public Relations –  Manavai Bhuvan  Silhouette – Thanjai Ramesh
Designs – Vignesh Selvan Co-Production – M.R. Damodaran- Ramesh Vijayasekar.
Produced by Sengodan Duraisamy
Story, screenplay, dialogue written and directed by – Salangai Durai.

Director Salangai Durai said about the film…

We have made it as a comedy and crime thriller based on an important true incident.

Youngsters of today are an example of how even friendship can be destroyed. Despite what their parents say, they join wrong friends and do wrong things and lose their lives.

This is the story of a young man who acts against his mother because of such false friendship. This movie will definitely be a lesson for today’s younger generations.

The shooting took place in locations like Courtalam, Tenkasi, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Hosur, Chennai.

Director Salangai Durai says the film will hit theaters in July.