Produced by-Yellow Bear Production LLP

Scripted and Directed by-Domin D’Silva

Cast-Sunaina, Ritu Manthra, Vivek Prasanna, Bava Chelladurai, Dheena and Gajaraj


Sunaina graduates as the protagonist of this crime thriller laced with suspense.

Her efforts in trying to carry the film on her shoulders, that too,single-handed needs to be lauded and it would only be fair to say that this flick is a milestone in her career!

Her portrayal of the title role is effective enough to take her to the next level as far as her status asa screen star is concerned!

Having lost her father at a very age and stage of her life she comes to terms with the reality of the situation and moves on.

She even finds a man of her choice but ill-luck again shows up as he gets brutally murdered!

She cries her heart out but soon reconciles and sets out to track down those who were responsible but that proves a challenging task.

But she finally emerges triumphant.

The first half moves a bit slow but the second half is racy with unexpected twists and turns!

A well written revenge thriller!