Venkat Prabhu released ‘Regina’ trailer and songs

‘Regina’ trailer and song launch highlights

‘Regina’ is produced by Satish Nair under Yellow Bear Production. Actress Sunaina is playing the lead role in this movie which is made in crime thriller genre. The film is directed by director Domin D’Silva, who directed the notable Malayalam films ‘Pippin Suvirile Pranayam’ and ‘Star’.

Satish Nair is making his debut as a music director who has produced this film.. He has already given many independent songs through “SN Musicals”.

While the teaser launch of ‘Regina’ was held in Coimbatore on May-30, the trailer and music launch of the film was held recently

Starring Niwas Adithan, Ritu Mantra, Ananth Nag, Deena Gajaraj, Vivek Prasanna, Bhava Chelaturai, Appani Sarath, Ranjan, Pashupati Raj, Gnanavel and others. Bavi K. Pawan has done the cinematography for this film and Kamaruddin has worked as the art director. Viji Sathish has choreographed the Toby John film set. Egan has noticed the fashion design.

Directors Venkat Prabhu, Eshil, producers D. Siva, Chitra Lakshmanan, escape artist Madan, actor Jayaprakash, Sivashree Siva, Sakthi Film Factory Sakthivelan, actor Subbu Panchu and others participated in this event along with the film crew as special guests. The film’s trailer and two songs were screened for the audience at the start of the show.

When heroine Sunaina spoke at the event,

“In 2006, I was a little girl watching television with my family. At that time, I had not decided whether I would come to cinema. Then when I came to my relative’s house in Hyderabad for vacation, the movie I saw was Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Chandramukhi’. Before that, Chandramukhi wanted to become an actress. As I continued to watch films including Ghajini, I decided that I wanted to become a South Indian actress.

At that time, I had a passion for cinema, sincerity and honesty. Until now it is. The film’s producer Satish, director Domin de Silva and the entire crew of this film had a similar unity. Venkat Prabhu sir came to this event with great pleasure. I am a huge fan of his film Saroja. Whenever I feel sad, I enjoy watching Brahmanandam sir’s comedy scenes in Saroja. Not only me.. my family too. We have given a lot of love and hard work for this film,” he said

Producer Satish Nair spoke thus,

“My father was upset from Coimbatore that he could not come to this function. Our grandfather owned a company that was the number two brand in India. Then I planned to throw them all away at the transition and start from scratch. I finished doing that.

I have no desire to make a film. Music is first for me.. In that way, Gangai Amaran uncle is my godfather. He is the reason to enter this field. Venkat Prabhu and I have been friends since college. Venkat Prabhu released my production company, my channel, the first look of the film, the music of the film Ito. That way Venkat Prabhu continued to give me his indirect support in this film even in his busy schedule.

Happy to release this film through Shakti Film Factory. When I said that I am going to compose music for this film, Gangai Amaran uncle gave me Vijayan to help me. My friend Ijaz wrote the song in this film. The Suravali song featured in this film was not written for cinema. My daughter Niranjana composed while sitting on my lap. But today is his friend’s birthday so he couldn’t attend the function to celebrate it,” he said.

Producer Satish Nair also presented a memento to his friend director Venkat Prabhu and a memento to his father Gangai Amaran to Venkat Prabhu on the occasion.

When director Venkat Prabhu spoke,

“Sathish, the producer of this film, and I have been friends since college in London. But I never knew him to be so passionate about music. My father would know. Most of the time, Satish Sr. spends most of his time with his friends. He told me for the first time that he has tuned me like this during this covid period. It was really good. It was surprising. There was also a doubt that he is actually doing it.. or someone else is writing and naming him.