Produced by Fashion Studios Sudhan Sundaram and Jayaram, ‘Takkar’ starring actor Siddharth and written and directed by Karthik G Krish will hit the theaters worldwide on June 9, 2023 simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. Its press meet was held in Chennai.

Composer Niwas K Prasanna said, “Hello everyone! We all have a long journey with this film. Thanks to the director for making time for me for music. Thank you to hero Siddharth sir, producer Sudhan sir, Think Music Santhosh. It would be exciting to work on a story like this as a musical. The film will hit theaters on June 9. Please watch the film and give your support”.

The director of the film Karthik G Krish said, “Takkar is my second film. Many asked why Siddharth for this film. When I think of a story someone comes to mind. This story has love, action, content for young generation. I chose Siddharth because he has it all. He also liked this content. Producer Sudhan is my friend. All three of us, Sudhan and Siddharth, are sure that this film will be a success. Divyansha has played the lead role. He has very bravely spoken openly about many things that this generation hesitates to speak out. Yogibabu played dual roles of father and son. Abhimanyu and Munishkanth have acted well. Music by Niwas K Prasanna is a plus for the film. His songs in this film have been well received by the audience. The technical team has also done a great job. Many people asked why this film, which was announced earlier, is releasing so late. Some even said that they can give it to OTD in between. But, since this is a theatrical film, we wanted to give it to theaters only. Watch the film which releases on June 9 and give us your thoughts”.

Actor Siddharth, who participated in it, said, “I will meet you all after the Covid period. When ‘Takkar’ director Karthik met me for this film, a few things stood out for me. It’s a fast-paced film that doesn’t stop anywhere. The meaning of the film’s title as ‘Takkar’ keeps changing across borders. In North India, ‘tucker’ means competition, and in some towns smartness is called ‘tucker’. Clash, Super has multiple meanings. The reason for using ‘Tucker’ in this film is the conflict. It is a clash between a girl and a hero. Lately, it struck me as odd in the character designs of heroines in cinema. If you ask if it is a problem that comes between lovers like ‘Khushi’, then no. To become rich. But, when that is not possible, the anger of the youth is the same for the protagonist. ‘They have seen you as soft so far. The director said that if you look closely at it, it will be different. We made this film based on his hope. I have done well enough to praise myself for acting well in action scenes. This film is completely a commercial film. There is so much confidence in it that the film is said to be a hit on June 9. If there is any hope, I have told you to act in successive films with Karthi. He will be an important commercial director in Tamil cinema.
Actor Yogi Babu, heroine Divainsha, senior hero Abhimanyu, Munishkanth, Vigneshkanth have all acted well. ‘If you want sex, you can have it, you don’t want marriage’, the line that the heroine speaks in the trailer has scared everyone. Lots of discussion about this in YouTube comments. What happens when this heroine meets the hero will also be in ‘Tucker’. The technical team has given excellent work. The film will be musically important for Niwas K Prasanna. The film ‘Tucker’ is a commercial film made for theatres. You can enjoy it with friends and family. Takkar will definitely not disappoint you. ‘Tucker’ will surely occupy a special place among the films released this summer. Come August, it will be 20 years since the release of ‘Boys’. I have learned a lot in these 20 years. I am committed to good films in the next two years. I am waiting with hope that ‘Takkar’ will be a success with all your support” he said.