Produced by-Dream Focus

Directed by-Srinivasan

Cast-Sandiyar Jagen, Eden, Bala Saravanan, Poo Ramu, A.Venkatesh, Raams etc

Rating- ***

Speed is the name of the name-so goes a saying!

This is the crux of the plot that showcases the one-sided love of a call driver who falls for the charms of a lady customer!

The portions where Vaanathi (Eden) chats with her friends are quite enjoyable. The hero, Marimuthu’s conversations with his roommate, Karikalan evoke some laughter.

Vaanathi’s dad (A.Venkatesh) is an old-fashioned man who always wants his daughter to be under his supervision!

Vanathi’s wish to settle down with a job goes for a toss while on the other front, Mari keeps moving his coins to win her love!

How things draw to a close finally is the fairly interesting rest.

Raams character suffers from a setback as it lacks coherence!

As many scenes have been shot on the highway , the camera duo-Vaasan and Anbu Dennis have done a neat job.

The screenplay is racy enough to sustain the interest of the audience.