Produced by-Sri Sri Ganesh Creations

Directed by -A.R.Jayakrishna

Cast-Sonial Agarwal, Delhi Ganesh, Rajesh, Ravi Maria, Nellai Siva, Jaga, Umesh, Monica etc


Real Estate frauds forms the base of the narration of this mediocre flick that sizzles only in bits and parts!

Besides wielding the megaphone, A.R. Jayakrishna has played one of the three main leads of this flick that is set around three youngsters al of whom land up in the city carrying a bus load of problems on their shoulders!

Though their backgrounds are different, they get on to the same path and begin to get associated with real estate business.

Their professional acquaintance with Ravi Gopal leads them to get connected with Sonia Agarwal who is a Queen Bee in that arena. She would stop at nothing to get what she wants.

She asks the trio to murder a man the identity of whom shocks them.

Finally all ends well.

it is purely a pedestrian fare with the cinematography of Kichas and the musical score of Rizwan as the redeeming features.