Viral YouTuber TTF.Vasan will make his debut as the hero in “Manjal Veeran” written and directed by Selam.
The Budget Film Company and cosmetologist Dr. Kavita Priyadarshini jointly produced the film “Manjal Veeran”.

The film features the real-life protagonist of 2K Kids, popular viral YouTuber TT.F.Vasan as the protagonist. And the leading actors and actresses of Tamil cinema are going to act.
Actor Kool Suresh is all set to take on a new avatar as the character

Cinematography by Kolanji Kumar

Sridhar Master choreographs the dance.

Selection of heroine, other actors, actresses and technicians is going on.

Story, screenplay, dialogue, written and directed by Selam
(It should be noted that he has already directed the film Mr.V.K.Poonga.)

Manjal Veeran is shaping up to be a crowd-pleasing action movie loved by all age groups.

The shooting is scheduled to take place at the end of July.

TT.F Vasan’s birthday was celebrated alongside the Puja and FIRST LOOK release of the movie “Manjal Veeran”.