Prime Video releases the trailer of Sweet Karam Coffee, a completely emotional original Tamil family story that is mind-blowing

Produced by Reshma Katala and produced by Lion Tooth Studios Pvt Ltd, Sweet Karam Kafi is directed by Bijoy Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu and Swathi Raguraman.

The eight-episode Tamil series starring Madhu, Lakshmi and Shanthi, dubbed in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi, will hit the screens on July 6.

Watch the trailer here:

Prime Video, India’s most popular entertainment platform, has released the trailer of the upcoming Tamil original series Sweet Karam Gabi, which will premiere on July 6. Created by Reshma Ghatala and produced by Lion Tooth Studios Pvt Ltd, this mind-blowing series starring Lakshmi, Madhoo, and Santhy, Bejoy Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu, and Directed by Swathi Raghuraaman.

Prime members across more than 240 countries and territories around the world can stream the Tamil series dubbed in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi from July 6. The Sweet Garam Coffee series is a recent addition to Prime membership. Prime members in India can save money by paying a one-time membership subscription of just ₹1499 per year and enjoy a host of other amenities and entertainment features.

Previews of the mind-blowing Sweet Karam Kaffi, an emotional family drama. It beautifully depicts how three women from different generations of the same family embark on an unforgettable journey of life. This road trip, which begins with a drive to break free not only from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives but also from the ancient practices imposed on them, turns into a journey where they rediscover themselves and renew their zest for life.

Directors Bijoy Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu, and Swathi Raguraman have taken charge of different episodes and have combined their unmatched energy and talent to bring this story to life in a seamless and memorable way.

“This is the first time I am directing a film with two different directors and a show producer. So, even though three individual directors have directed different episodes, we have all worked together completely in deciding how the story travels with the characters in this series. Individually we have each gone to the deepest level of the story core and united.

And I think Reshma brought us together very cleverly to make sure that we did justice to the point of view that she had with Sweet Garam Gabi without compromising on it,” said Vijay Nambiar, director of episodes one and eight.

Subsequently, Krishna Marimuthu, who directed episodes five, six and seven, added, “For me, the story is everything. Reshma Katala (Writer & Presenter) narrates from start to finish the story of a grandmother of a family who embarks on a road trip with her niece and granddaughter in just five minutes over the phone, which inspired me to join the journey.

Kudos to Prime Video for supporting a narrative like Sweet Garam Coffee, which is a must for viewers of all levels in this era of stories that showcase the dark side of society. I pride myself on continuing to learn as a newcomer with each of my creations, and the opportunity to direct this series alongside director Bijoy Nambiar and Swathi Raguraman really pushed me further, bringing the vision I had for the series to life and making me feel like a better filmmaker – Music Composer Govind My biggest thanks and appreciation to Vasantha, Cinematographer – Krishnan Vasant and Editor – Praveen Antony” .

“The story of Sweet Karam Coffee is about a family that faces huge changes in their lives. . As humans evolve, relationships and families must evolve accordingly. Some of them willingly join the change, others do not

They slowly muster up the courage to do so, and some go to fight shouting. Revisiting the characterizations of these diverse people, especially in my first outdoor shoot, was as exhilarating and heartwarming for me as the series itself, with great characters like Lakshmi madam, Madhu and Shanti, and with an absolutely brilliant crew who threw themselves into this Kadaki no less. said Swathi Raguraman, the director of its second, third and fourth episodes.

Making her streaming debut, the ageless star Lakshmi says, “Though I have a decade-long celebrity career, my streaming debut with Sweet Garam Kaffi will definitely be a special one. We should all live our lives on the basis of freedom of thought, freedom of thought and the right to freely express your thoughts. The character I am portraying – Sundari represents them in the best possible form. It was really refreshing to be able to play a relevant role that allowed me to express myself in many ways. Suitable for all age groups in the family, I believe that everyone who watches this series will realize the importance and necessity of living a fulfilling life by shaping one’s life according to one’s own will.”

Appearing in an iconic role that ties the story, its katha mandars and this house together, Madhu said “Kaveri is a responsible housewife who loves her family more than anything else. She cares for everyone, but feels that she has lost herself somewhere along the path of life. So, when her mother-in-law and daughter convince her to join them on an impromptu road trip, she feels an urge to embark on this journey of her own.

Streaming has revolutionized the way we create and enjoy conceptual content. And Prime Video has inspired an incredible amount of female-centric stories like Sweet Karam Koffi. It’s a beautiful story of a journey beyond the confines of your home with its outdated, conventional conventions and social expectation, where you rediscover yourself and explore the possibilities of life. Being a part of this series has been a very rewarding experience for me.

And I really appreciate Reshma and Prime Video for giving me a Katha role that is so nuanced, controlled and patient that it was made for me.

“Sweet Karam Coffee invites viewers to join three unique, interesting characters who embark on a journey across the country – a young woman, her mother and her grandmother. Each woman embarks on a journey of personal discovery, and discovers herself in the midst of this adventure.” They establish a sense of camaraderie that promises to provide comfort and support for a lifetime” We, the actors, had the opportunity to appear in nuanced, well-crafted characters.

The characters had certain types of perspective, experiences and dilemmas that we could relate to. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a great cast and crew; And I am thrilled to share with the audience a soulful film that has the power to capture the hearts of audiences across generations.”

Produced by Reshma Katala and produced by Lion Tooth Studios Pvt Ltd, Sweet Karam Kafi is directed by Bijoy Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu and Swathi Raguraman.

The eight-episode Tamil series starring Madhu, Lakshmi and Shanthi, dubbed in Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi, will hit the screens on July 6.

Watch the trailer here: