Produced by Applause Entertainment, Eprius Studio LLP, E4 Experiences LLP, the psycho thriller movie “Por Thozhil” is directed by debutant director Vignesh Raja and stars Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan, Nikila Vimal. The film, which has received a huge response from the audience, has turned the theaters into a festival. The success of the film, which has been occupying the theaters till date with houseful scenes, was held today at a leading star hotel in Chennai. The film crew participated in it.

Speaking on the occasion, Sunil of Applause Entertainment said, “When the trailer of War Industry came out, I said that this film will be a huge success. After 30 days, the film has become a huge success. Vignesh Raja has given an amazing film. Ashok Selvan and Sarathkumar have given good performances. This is our debut film in Tamil. Glad to have a good quality picture. It is only because of your support that this movie got such a huge response. Thank you for your continued support. ”said.

Sakthivelan of Shakti Film Factory said, “This film is not only a success for us, it has given a huge confidence to Tamil cinema. Fans will definitely support a good film. Like that, you have supported this film as well. Thank you, the reception for the film is increasing day by day, this is not a normal thing, not only that.. It is very nice that all the theater owners have thanked us, the director has given a huge success and is sitting quietly, no wonder he will surely become a great director, the producer is huge. Thanks. The film has given him the success he needed, thanks to all the journalists.”

Mukesh R Mehta of E4 Experiments LLP, one of the producers said, “Thank you all, you are the one who brought it to the fans. Next, the fans praised the film and welcomed it without breaking the film’s twist. Ashok Selvan and Sarathkumar have played their characters brilliantly. Vignesh Raja has directed this movie brilliantly. The film has proved that good stories will definitely flow and people will come to theaters even if it is OT. We will continue to give good films like this, thank you” he said.

Cinematographer Kalaich Selvan said, “I studied in Balu Mahendra sir’s college and he always said one thing, ‘The script of the film will carry the film’ and that helped me a lot, Vignesh was very clear about what he wanted and his vision was this film. Thank you to all the journalists,” he said.

Distributor Deepa said, “
I have known Mukesh and Ashok Selvan for a long time. As soon as this film came to us, we knew that this film would definitely be a big hit. Applause Entertainment continues to deliver good films. We were able to distribute the film even in small countries. The film was well received in all countries. The film is still running to housefuls in the UK. Both Ashok Selvan and Sarathkumar gave their full cooperation. They continued to promote the film. Your support has been tremendous. We will continue to give good films, thank you” he said.

Actor Thenappan said, “I have not heard much about this company. But after this film everyone knows that all the actors in the film have done a great job and the director’s wife wrote a congratulatory letter to all of us. It was an unforgettable moment for me, the director will not let go until he gets what he wants, that is what has made him such a success, he will surely make good films. My best wishes to him and thanks to all the crew.

Lyricist & writer Karthik Netha said, “Thanks to the producer. Thank you for making this film as a film and not as a business, there is only one song in this film. It comes at the end of the film. Thanks to the director for giving me an opportunity, I will use this as a platform to say thank you. Thank you all,” he said.

Writer Alfred Prakash says, “Many memes have hit the internet about the war industry. You have made the film a huge success, I thank all of you and the fans for giving such a great response.”

Sound mixing engineer Hari said, “Sound mixing is what a thriller film needs. In this film the director had a clear idea about it. Thank you to everyone who gave me the opportunity.”

Think Music Santhosh said, “One day Ashok Selvan called at midnight. ‘Brother I am doing a film called War Industry. There is only one song in the film. But you have to connect with this film’. Saw the trailer
Dane this movie seemed to be a good movie. We continue to support debut director films in general. This year, after the films ‘Tata’ and ‘Good Night’, I am happy to join this film. It was a pleasure working with Ashok Selvan. Thank you all,” he said.

Actress Lisa Sinnu said, “For the first time I am standing on a platform. Very proud. Many friends congratulated me after watching this film, thanks to all the journalists. You are the one who made this film a success, director Viganesh Raja told me while casting me. He said that even if it is a small character, you will get a good name. It has happened, thank you for that, thank you to all the crew” he said.

Fighting Training Director Phoenix Prabhu said, “Thenappan sir, they have made me suffer. They tortured me too. They called me after seeing the Malayalam film I had worked on. The director has squeezed. But he made the film brilliantly. Thanks to everyone who supported the film.

Actor Sundar said, “Vignesh sir called me and asked me to act. I said I have done many films. But do it for me, he said. At that time, Bendu started to erect me. This is the only film where Sarathkumar sir did not smile. He can’t help but smile. We enjoyed seeing him in this film. Thank you for the opportunity in the film. Thank you for supporting the film.

Actor Harish said, “After the release of the film, my friends started getting scared of me. This is the most unusual character I have played. This is my parents favorite movie. Thank you for respecting the talent and giving such a character to a newcomer like me. I learned a lot from this film. Thank you for making this kind of film a success” he said.

Actress Nikila Vimal said, “It was a great honor to act in this film. I have been introduced to many people through this film. Thanks to all the assistant directors of the film. I couldn’t sleep while acting in this film.” The film was entirely at night time, which was a new experience for me. Many thanks to Ashok and Sarathkumar sir. They were very supportive of me during the shoot and thanks to the director who wrote this character, I was in E4 Entertainment’s first film. Also happy that this film is a success,
“My thanks to all the media journalists,” he said.

Actor Ashok Selvan said, “It’s more of a thangs meet rather than a success meet. People celebrated this film as their film. We screened the film two days before the media. Someone will break the twist..! There was a fear of But not a single one broke the twist and gave a positive review. Thanks to all of you. I did a lot of films last year. Although the film was a good film, it was not a box office hit. I doubted myself. Are we making a good film..? came the question. Instead of all that, this film has come. It’s nice to hear that everyone is choosing good stories. Working with Sarathkumar was a very pleasant experience. Vignesh is very happy as a friend when everyone praises Raja. I have been working with him since his short film days and he is very clear about what he is taking. He will go even higher. Kudos to the producer for making such a film. I will end by saying a verse, there is a verse in this film, “Do your job well and respect will come” thank you all.

Actor Sarathkumar said, “I had told you earlier that Vignesh would make a good director. He has become a bigger director than that. Very happy, the director has carved everyone. He has brought the character exactly as he wanted. The director has given a Hollywood quality to the film. This film is also running successfully in many countries like a Hollywood hit. The film is still running successfully in many theatres. It will definitely set a new record. Vignesh is a treasure for us. Ashok is a good actor and actress Nikila has played her character beautifully. Thanks to all the crew. Thanks to the producer for believing in this story and filming it. The cinematographer has done an amazing job. I got the satisfaction of acting in a good film. Thanks to all the crew. Beyond all this, the journalists have you to thank. It was your opinion that brought this film to the masses. You are the reason for this success, thank you” he said.

Director Vignesh Raja said, “My first thanks goes to the producers. This story
Thank you for listening and making this film. They said that once the Applause film is signed, they will not spoil the film by making it commercial, but take what you think… what you have written… You will understand what a boon this is for a debutant director. Yuvraj spun and worked. Sakthivel sir designs every film with perfection. Thanks to him. Thank you Deepa madam. Editor Sreejith Charang has done it very brilliantly. In music, Jakes Bijoy was intimidating. He sang the song at the end of the film. Now I can’t think of that movie without that song. Sounding threatened. It is the music and sound that adds to the feel of the film to the fans. They did it brilliantly. All the people who have worked in this film have worked hard. We shot the film in 2010. There is a full CG movie for that. Thanks to all assistant directors, assistant cinematographers. Alfred and I could not separate in my mind alone. We both are one person. It is a blessing to have such a writer. Nikila Vimal’s character brought strength in acting which he lacked in the story. Ashok Selvan has known since his college days that if someone made a short film then he would run away and act. The network he established then is now all directors. He will introduce many more directors. They say I have cast Sarathkumar sir very well. But what can I say to the actor in 150… Everything he did in this movie was done by himself. He had faith in the film more than me. Will Sarathbabu sir act first?, will he understand? That was scary. But he was very up to date. Because of his question, we rewrote some parts of the film. It’s a pity he couldn’t watch the film. Finally, when the film can be shown two days before the media… if someone breaks the DVD..! The fear came. He said Sakthi sir will not do that. Likewise, not a single person broke the news, as soon as the film premiered, they started praising the film on the internet. This film is an example of a non-advertising film running on press Thank you all,” he said.