Skillful as Miskin ; Karthik Raja praises ‘Web’ director Haroon

I am happy that our film Jailer will be released in the coming month; ‘Web’ Director Haroon

Web (WEB) is produced by VM Munivelan under Velan Productions. Directed by debutant Haroon, the film features Natty Natraj in the lead role. Shilpa Manjunath is playing the female lead. ‘Naan God’ stars Rajendran, Shashvi Bala, Subhapriya, actor Murali Radhakrishnan, Ananya Mani in lead roles. Karthik Raja has composed the music for this film. Sudarshan handles the cinematography of Christopher Joseph. KSK Selva is the executive producer.

As this film is slated to release on August 4th, the music and trailer launch party was held yesterday morning at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai. Producers K. Rajan, Thananjeyan, directors RV Udayakumar, Subramania Siva and actress Rekha Nair participated in this event along with the film crew as special guests.

Welcoming everyone at the event, producer Munivelan said, “This film has become a good message for the society. At this point, I would like to make some requests to the producers’ association and the government. The actors and actresses who have acted in the film must cooperate for the promotion of the film. Actors who don’t do that should be banned. OTT business should be regulated. And piracy should be stopped,” he asked.

Actress Subhapriya said, “It is difficult to cope with just one actress in a film. Although there were 5 people in this film, they took good care of us in terms of security, accommodation and food for the girls during the shoot. Director Haroon, who has never worked as an assistant director to anyone, gave a counter to every speech on the set and conducted the shoot with fun. Protagonist Natty also always sang Rajini songs enthusiastically and kept everyone entertained.” He said that.

Actor Murali Radhakrishnan said, ‘In this film, we have told a thing that society needs. As the producer of this film is a big trader in Koyambedu, this film will become a hit if the people of Koyambedu market watch it. Actor Natti is a non-entity. I will try to be like him. The cinematographer of the film, Christopher Joseph, has made us look beautiful among the heroines,” he said.

Lyricist Jagan Kaviraj said, “As they say luck comes to will, this is an opportunity. I am proud to join the royal dynasty by working with Karthik Raja, the first Raja of Ilayaraja. Happy to work with a director who knows how to write songs,” he said.

Lyricist Arunbharathi said, “It was the music director Karthik Raja who invited me to write a song for this film. I have written a song for Annan Thangachi in Natty’s flashback in this film. I have seen this film. The climax will leave you on the edge of your seat. Director Haroon has handled a different kind of screenplay in this film,” he said.

Actress Shashvi Bala said, “For the promotion of a film, all the actors in it must come and participate. Director Haroon acted out all the scenes for me. I was eager to learn a lot from Natty while acting in the film. Tamil cinema should continue to give opportunities and support to Sri Lankan Tamil artists like me,” he requested.

Actor Natty said, “The producer of the web film is one of the producers who gave us GST along with the salary. Even though director Haroun has never worked as an assistant director in any film before, it was clear that he is a know-it-all when he shot the first scene. In today’s environment many people do things to reduce their stress. But this web is a film that explains that they are a dangerous one-way traffic,” he said.

Speaking as the special guest, actress Rekha Nair said, “No one should worry that the heroine is not coming. That’s why the film will become a hit. The heroine will also become famous. As far as Natti Sir is concerned, he is a sage. Only those who have talked to them know that. Nutty gives opportunities to everyone. Since Muni is in the manufacturer’s name, it is definitely not black. Seeing that actor Murali is upset here, it seems that he is still walking on the thorny path after all these years. Soon he will get a chance to walk on the velvet path,” he said.

Director RV Udayakumar said, “The stories chosen by actors and actresses are all different. Karthik Raja is one of the genius music composers. I told him the story of Chinnacounter when he was still a child