Intimidating actor Dinesh in a different style!!

Attakathi Dinesh reunites with director Pa Ranjith !!

Dinesh made his acting debut with the film Attakathi directed by famous director Pa Ranjith. The huge success of Attakathi made the name of the film stick behind him. He has won the hearts of Tamil people by acting in films with different storylines, and now he will be acting again in director Pa Ranjith’s film.

Dinesh grew into a leading young star of Tamil cinema through hard work and talent. He made everyone look back with his acting prowess in films such as the globally acclaimed Inuyasha, Cuckoo and the smash hit Tamil hit number one, Thirudan Police, Last Bomb of World War II. While all the heroes follow the commercial route, it is Attakathi Dinesh who shines by fitting himself in different storylines in each film.

Dinesh, who takes on a different role in each film, has now completed acting in films such as Jay Baby, Thandakaranyam. He is also acting in the final stages of Karpu Pulsar and Labar Bandhu.

In this case, it is a very exciting news for the fans that director Pa. Ranjith is reuniting with Dinesh. He is transforming himself into a very different badass for the film. This new look of his is getting great response from fans