“It’s a great privilege to act with Mammootty” Aishwarya Menon

Aishwarya Menon says, “I never imagined that my lifelong dream of acting in at least one film with Malayalam superstar Mammootty would come true so soon.”

Aishwarya Menon, who is one of Andhra’s leading actresses after last month’s Telugu and pan-India super hit ‘Spy’, is appearing on PC with leading Telugu heroes including Karthikeya, ‘Spy’ hero Nikhil Siddhartha.

In this case, Aishwarya Menon has been signed as the heroine of Mammootty’s film as a huge jackpot and has been acting in his combination for more than a week. Talking about this, he said, “I am a big fan of Mammootty. I have been dreaming and waiting to see if he will act in at least one scene in the film. Now that dream has come true with the film ‘Bazooka’ and I have been acting with him for more than a week now. I am playing a very important character opposite the young hero of the film, which gives a twist to the story. Directed by debutant Dino Dennis, the film is produced by Theater of Dreams.
Mammootty is a man who has won so many National Awards, Kerala Government State Awards and the hearts of crores of people…but on set he is so simple and affectionate, his way of interacting is so moving. Acting with him has become an unforgettable aspect of life. After the film was committed, the calls for subsequent films continued to follow,” says Aishwarya Menon excitedly.