Jaguar Thangam reports on Guild issues!

Guild president Jaguar Thangam has given an interview about the problems prevailing in the society. It said that the South Indian Film and Television Producers Association has been going through some issues for the past four years. A few non-subscribing members are saying bad things about me. In 2015, I took over as the Guild Secretary. At that time there were only a few thousand in the Sangh. After becoming the chairman in 2018, today there is Rs.6.50 crore. We have been helping a lot through the guild. Gilt is currently ranked number one. I suffered a lot for this. And it has grown this far with the help of members and some administrators.

I was elected as the leader in the last election in 2018. Some were selected from my team and some from the opposing team. When they came they said to lock the association. Why should I lock it? They said that some things are happening and they can lock it and open it again. I said no. Then they held a separate meeting. They said they have the right to withdraw the money from the bank because their intention is to withdraw the money. They tried to withdraw money by making a fake letter pad in the bank. They held a meeting again and said that they removed me from the rank of basic member. I removed them from membership. So they went to court. But the court ordered that they should not enter. There are many complaints against them in the police station. Also we found a place for the association at Vadapalani at Rs.13 crore. With this we thought to help the guild members. This was not liked by the opponents and some associations. Because of this they made many accusations against me. They said I have taken the guild money. Now I have filed a case against them and an FIR has been filed and the investigation is going on. A warrant will be issued soon. It was I who asked the court that the association should have an election. But they say that I will not hold elections.

Some members who cannot pay the subscription say they will not let the election be held. And like the Guild Sangha they also started a Sangha and collected crores. We also blocked this through the court. Since they cannot withdraw the money while I am there, they are trying to use another person to withdraw it. They called me before Corona and negotiated. All the protestors are not producers but mediators.

I want to hold elections with members till 2023. But they want to hold elections only with the members up to 2013 and this is the problem till now. I have been trying to hold elections for three years. Duraisamy has said that he can fake signatures as beautifully as anyone else.