Shalini Saroj is a flagging actress in character roles!!

Shalini Saroj is a young actress making her mark!!

Character roles have a special place in Tamil cinema. Character plays an important role in actually holding a story together, serving as an important pillar. There are thousands of people who have chosen character roles in men but in women
Rarely, only a very few shine. Shalini Saroj is making a mark with her performance in that category recently.

The young actress fits into any character and gives a performance that sticks in the hearts of the fans. He made his debut in Kanne Kalaimane and has played important roles in many films including Kannimadam and Kuzhali. He makes a unique mark in every character and is crawling with a great future in Tamil cinema.

Actress Shalini Saroj shared about acting in Tamil cinema.

It has been my dream since childhood to act in cinema. I have no desire to act as a heroine. I have to do well in the roles that are given to me. The difference in each image should be done differently. Manorama madam N Adarsam is not a character she has not tried and so is Kowai Sarala madam. Not only as the heroine’s friend. Desire to act as comedy Willy. I am very happy that fans are now recognizing me in public after remembering my performance. Currently, I will be doing a lead role in Sasikumar sir’s film Tamilgudimagan and also a film under Laika Productions. A lot of opportunities are coming. She says her dream is to become an actress who plays good roles and is admired by everyone.