Director Jude Antany Joseph joins Lyca Productions

Jude Antany Joseph proposing to Lyca

Subhaskaran, the producer of Laika Productions, a leading film production house in the Tamil film industry, has been a pioneer in creating quality productions at huge budgets and providing a unique on-screen experience to the film buffs and the masses. Because of this, his production company, Lyca Productions, has become a leading brand in the Indian film industry. The company is not only producing big budget productions with star actors and leading directors, but is also at the forefront of discovering and promoting new young talent. In this case, Lyca Productions is producing a new untitled film directed by director Jude Antany Joseph, who directed the film ‘2018’, which was released in Malayalam and became a huge success worldwide and collected crores of rupees. The company has also issued an official notification in this regard.

Director Jude Antany Joseph turned the attention of the audience towards him with the film ‘2018’. No one can forget the disaster that happened during the floods in Kerala in 2018. In those critical moments, people stood by each other and helped the government. Creator Jude Antony Joseph… has exquisitely collected each of those moments and crafted ‘2018’ into an engaging work with precise detail. Leica has teamed up with Jude Antony Joseph to promote his creative vision with ‘2018’, which conveys humanity at its best with a realistic life style.

Lyca Productions and Jude Antony Joseph team up to deliver a masterpiece that will captivate the audience. The film was directed by G. K. M. Helmed by Tamil Kumar, producer Subhashkaran, who owns Lyca Productions, is producing the film on a grand budget. And Lyca Productions is going to officially reveal the full details of this untitled new film soon.