Subtle characters… Heartwarming music… Unforgettable road trip… Five reasons why you must watch the original Tamil web series ‘Sweet Karam Coffee’ on Prime Video…!

Taking a road trip with friends is like a movie we all love. Because we all want to be in their place. But three generations of women, traveling together to discover themselves.. to explore their lives from a new perspective..? This is something that is rarely heard. ‘Sweet Karam Coffee’, a Tamil original to be released on Prime Video, is a story of such adventure and self-realization. The story of an ageless…real..unique future…! If these are not enough, below are five more reasons to watch the web series ‘Sweet Karam Coffee’. Be sure to watch and enjoy this weekend!

Star cast

Actresses like Lakshmi and Madhu are experienced star actresses who have shown their talent in commercial cinema for many years and have earned a place in the hearts of the fans. To see them play unorthodox..unconventional characters..increases respect for them as talented artists. Beyond this, its quality and flavor is enhanced by acting in web series like ‘Sweet Karam Kafi’, which narrate unique stories that cross borders and reach a wider audience. Like Lakshmi’s Julie movie… Madhu’s Roja movie… As these people have played widely loved characters, the eagerness to watch this web series will surely increase.

Women’s angle

Sundari (Lakshmi), Kaveri (Madhu) and Nivedita (Shaanti), a grandmother, mother and daughter, struggle daily with patriarchy. Be it Sundari’s unorthodox desires… Kaveri who loves herself too much… Nivedita who is passionate about her career… all three are not suited to our society and face a lot of problems from the world around us. When these three women’s simple needs are denied by society, we realize how far our world has to travel to give them the freedom and space they truly deserve.

Enchanting music

The music album of the web series ‘Sweet Karam Coffee’ was released recently. The album is a mix of songs and instrumental concept music. Composed by music composer Govind Vasantha, the album features songs sung by popular singers including Javed Ali, Aditya Rao, Kapil Kapilan, Keertana Vaidyanathan and Satya Prakash. Sweet songs with soul-stirring music are a great treat for our ears.

A bittersweet journey of self-discovery

‘Sweet Karam Coffee’ is not just a good story. A work that is relatable to all audiences across India. The depth of the story..the subtle characters and their journey ..both external and internal. Sundari, Kaveri and Nivedita have their fair share of challenges. But their passion and passion for life gives them the determination to face these struggles. The adventure they face.. attracts you, the audience, like a magnet.

A story between three generations

It is refreshing to see three women from different generations working parallel to each other in this patriarchal society. ‘Sweet Garam Koffee:’ This web series will hook you easily as it has the essence of women of all they live beyond their they love their stories are apt to be told and heard. As this series reflects the real life of women around you.. your heart is heavy when you watch it

Produced by Reshma Katala under Lion Tooth Studios Pvt Ltd, this heartwarming web series is co-directed by directors Vijay Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu and Swathi Raguraman. Lakshmi, Madhu, Shanthi and many others have acted in this web series. Prime members in more than 240 countries and territories around the world have been translated into Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi and released in Tamil today.