Sivakumar Education Foundation 44th Annual Award Ceremony

Students should not get distracted and progress in life – Sivakumar

Equal educational opportunity should be available to all – Surya

Education is the only thing that makes man perfect – Karthi

Screenwriter Sivakumar has been honoring students who have scored good marks in the Plus-Two examination through his educational foundation for the past 43 years. On the occasion of his 100th film, Sivakumar started the Education Foundation to inspire students. He recognizes deserving students and felicitates them through his foundation. The 44th annual event of ‘Shivakumar Education Foundation’ was held in Chennai. 10,000/- each to 25 male and female students in the function, totaling Rs. 2,50,000/- Agram is undertaking challenging tasks to take them. Thank you to the donors who provide financial support for the intensive work carried out by the volunteers, and to the educational institutions who continue to support and embrace the educational opportunities of the seed project students. Akaram tasks are like a village gathering and pulling a chariot. For the educational upliftment of the humble families, unity is more necessary today than ever before. Agaram is its dedicated volunteers. I would like to congratulate and thank each and every one of them on this occasion,” he said.