Director Mari Selvaraj made others feel her pain like the music of a flute – Director RK Selvamani praises

Mamannan’s special was screened yesterday on the request of two associations, the Federation of South Indian Film Workers (FEFSI) and the Tamil Nadu Film Director’s Association (TANTIS).

Mr. RK Selvamani, Mr. RV Udayakumar and the directors of the association are Mr. Lingusamy, Mr. Egil, Mr. Chitra Lakshmanan and many others participated in the event and congratulated the film Mamannan and the crew.

Mr. RK Selvamani said, “Mamannan is a huge hit. Congratulations to director Mari Selvaraju for making a great film. Next, congratulations to Red Giant Movies for producing such a masterpiece. I called everyone after watching the film and congratulated everyone. Vadivelu in such a role. None of us would have seen it, he has done it very well.  The director conveys his pain like the music of a flute to others. I don’t know how to praise Mari Selvaraj, his work is amazing.  Udhayanidhi Stalin has acted brilliantly. I have seen many of his films but after watching this film I felt a sense of sadness. It left me in my heart. My best wishes to the film crew for giving the best film to Tamil cinema.”

Mr. Mamannan on behalf of the film team. Udayanidhi Stalin, Director Mr. Mari Selvaraj expressed their thanks.