• First Day National Award Director Seenu Ramasamy inaugurated !!

On the 2nd day, celebrities including Distributor Association Leader – Actor K.Rajan, National Award Film Editor B.Lenin visited and created a sensation!!!

We know that an organization of cinema enthusiasts named ‘Cinema Today’ at the trade center in Nantambakkam, Chennai is successfully conducting an exhibition and sale of the latest digital equipment from cameras to cameras required for media, cinema and its sound and broadcasts every year for 3 days.

That grand sales fair is going on this year as well. The three-day fair from Friday, July 21st to Sunday, July 23rd will feature a 69-year-long legacy of the Cinema Journalists’ Association’s Book Sale Centre.

In this, books related to cinema from Tamil cinema to world cinema, books of poetry and short stories written by film celebrities, books written by famous film journalists about cinema and film celebrities, books related to film technology written by film technicians, books related to film business, etc., have been put up for sale.

Although this is an exhibition based on digital technology, the ‘Cinema Journalists’ Association’ has planned and set up this book sale center as a way to encourage book reading and to bring books containing a lot of information related to cinema to cinema lovers.

Noted film director and writer Seenu Ramasamy inaugurated the Cinema Journalists Association book sale center set up at the Cinema Today exhibition on July 21, the first day of the exhibition as a special guest.

Also, famous actor and acting coach ‘Madras’ Jayarao visited the book sale center of Cinema Journalists Association and congratulated him and bought director Seenu Ramaswamy’s poetry collection ‘Cat lying on complaint box’ autographed by Seenu Ramaswamy.

Appreciating the efforts of the film journalists, director Seenu Ramasamy said, “I have been brought up through the medium of writing, so I participated in this event to promote the initiative of the ‘Cinema Journalists Association’. Even though the world is going digital, reading books is always close to our hearts. It will not change under any circumstances. I appreciate and welcome this initiative of the ‘Cinema Journalists Association’ which has been set up to encourage the younger generation to read books and to bring books containing many information related to cinema to the people. This bookstore has a large number of books with a lot of information about cinema. These books will be essential for those in the film industry, especially if assistant directors read such books, what is cinema for them? is easily understood.” said.

Following director Seenu Ramasamy, on the 2nd day on Saturday, celebrities including Tamil Film Distributors Association President-Actor-Producer-Educator Panmugangonda K.Rajan, National Award winning film editor and director B.Lenin and Vihan Amit Jolly who is making his debut as the hero in the upcoming Tamil cinema ‘Lockdown Diary’ after playing various characters in more than 65 Kannada and Malayalam films, Nam ‘Sini They are visiting the book center of the Journalists’ Association and buying books related to cinema and creating a sensation! It is noteworthy that many celebrities from the film industry will visit the book center of the ‘Cinema Press Association’ of this exhibition which will be held only today, July 23 – Sunday.

At that time, we request all cinema lovers in Chennai and Chennai suburbs reading this news to visit the book sale center of ‘Cinema Journalists Association’ and purchase books related to cinema with 10% discount.