Thandatti trends with No.1 ranking on Amazon Prime Video

Prince Pictures S Lakshman Kumar’s latest release ‘Thandatti’ had its worldwide theatrical release on June 23, 2023, followed by its worldwide OTT premiere on July 14, 2023. After winning the hearts of audiences in the theatres, the movie continues to endow a pleasant feel-good experience to the film buffs on the OTT platform now.

The film set against the rural backdrops, revolved around the precious earrings jewel worn by aged women in the villages. The core theme laced with fun, entertainment, and emotions garnered decorous responses from the audiences.

Film lovers have never missed showing their love and support for the good cinema, and the entire team of ‘Thandatti’ is elated to experience the warmth and affection of the audience for this film. Significantly, the film has been clasping the No.1 position on Amazon Prime Video from its day of premiere.

Thandatti, written and directed by Ram Sangaiyya, features Pasupathi, Rohini, Ammu Abhirami, Vivek Prasanna, and others in the star cast.

The film features a musical score by Sundaramoorthy and cinematography by Mahesh Muthusamy. S. Lakshman Kumar of Prince Pictures has produced this film with A. Venkatesh is the co-producer and Shravanthi Sainath is the Executive producer. And AP Paalpandi is the Production Executive.