Produced by-Galaxy Pictures

Directed by -MR Madhavan

Cast-Udhay Karthik, Dhana, Maara, Sai Priya Dheva,Maneksha etc


The title can be construed of referring to a Dinosaur and hence a CG generated Dinosaur marks its presence though not as a part of a scene but in the form of a dream while the villain dreams of the hero in the form of a dinosaur all set to swallow him.

Set in the backdrop of North Chennai, the film’s screenplay deliberates on gang wars and showcases how the warring gangsters spare no efforts to prove that their gang is superior.

It takes some time to settle down with the lead characters as almost all of them rear beard making it slightly difficult to point out who is who.

There are one too many fights and the stunt master should have had a whale of time choreographing the action sequences which showcase violence.

There is also a romantic track but to no great avail.

The first half has some lighter moments too but the second half gets very serious leading to a chilling climax.

The opening scene set in a moving public transport sets the stage for suspense.

Action lovers will vouch for this.