Produced by-Dhoni Entertainment

Written Wielded by-Ramesh Thamizhmani

Cast-Harish Kalyan, Nadita Ivana, RJ Vijay, Yogi Babu, Venkat Prabhu, VTV Ganesh, Srinath, Vonodhini etc

Censor Rating- U

Running Time-153 Minutes


The much awaited, much hyped maiden production from the banner of Dhoni Entertainment has at last hit the screens with a big bang but how effective is the outcome is the billion dollar question

A colorful romantic comedy laced with fun, frolic, sentiments, human relationships and some foot tapping numbers -is all what this project is all about

Tactfully so, Dhoni is referred in the dialogue uttered by Yogi Babu time and again, after a photograph showing them both together is showcased

At a crisis situation, Yogi Babu even shouts out aloud, seeking Dhoni’s name.

The central plot is set around the two -year long courtship between two individuals -{Gautham Harish Kalyan}and Meera{Ivana} and when the duo finally decide to tie the nuptial knot, the latter insists that she would want to spend quality time with the former’s mother, Leela {Nadiya} so as to understans each other better.

A family trip is planned to Coorg but Leela is not too happy about this idea, initiated by Meera.

At a point, a decision is arrived at to part ways but then Gautham gives a piece of mind to both which shatters the peace of mind of both the ladies who daringly decide to take a trip involving just both of them and secretly head to Goa.

The first half is breezy with enjoyable humor but the same cannot be said of the second half punctuated by not so exciting events and happenings.

Viswajith Odukkathil’s camera work deserves a pat on his back.

The foot tapping numbers of Ramesh Thamizhmani warrants mention.

The spiritual classes could have been avoided but Sandy stands out in that dance sequence.

The main cast’s performance is powerful.

Watch it for the humor quotient.