Produced by -R P Films

Written and Wielded by -R P. Bala

Cast-Bharath, Vani Bhojan, Vivek Prasnna, Daniel Annie Pope and Radharavi

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time- 117 Minutes

Rating- **1/2

With reference to the fact that this is his 5th film, this is certainly a landmark film for the actor who is a good dancer too as evidenced from his ‘Boys’ days.

A cute looking Vani Bhojan proves a scene-stealer at her entry scene.

In a tale of love, not only the creation of the lead characters bears a lot of significance but also the depth at which those characters are defined. The director seems to have faltered in that count and hence the screenplay suffers.

Hallucination in human beings is a favorite pick of many filmmakers but it needs a tight rope walking.

Here again, the script slips quite frequently and hence the flow of the narration get marred time and again.

A well settled Vani Bhojan accepts a not well settled Bharat and they get into wedlock.

Soon after problems crop up in a fit of anger, Bharath inadvertently kills her.

Vivek Prasanna and Daniel Annie Pope are two of his friends who accidentally enter the crime scene.

But there is a twist in the climax. Radharavi’s one-scene appearance is effective enough.

This is a remake of the Mollywood flick, Love, streaming on Netflix.