Produced by Sakti Cine Productions Pvt Ltd, Dr. Muruganantham Veeraragavan, Dr. Sanmukhapiriya Murukanandham, directed by debutante director Raja Gurusamy, Muneeskanth and Kali Venkat in the lead roles, the film ‘Kaadappura Kalaikuzhu’ is an earth-smelling epic set in the background of village karakattam art.

The press meet of the film which will hit the screens on July 7 was held recently.

Producer Dr. Muruganantham Veeraragavan said…
Thank you to everyone who came to our event. I used to work in science, but I never lost interest in art. So after achieving in my field I have come to my favorite field. Cinema is my inspiration. It is my passion that has placed me before you as a producer. ‘Kaadappura Kalaikuzhu’ has all the features that will make you enjoy. We will continue to provide good works through our company. Thank you for your support.

Art Director Inba said…
This film is a major work of art, the work of this film has been going on for a long time, we all forget the old art, this film will be a reminder to us. Your support is needed for this film, thanks.

Cinematographer Vinod Gandhi said..
The director has taken this film with a good artistic intention as told by the art director. He said that this film will be pulled by everyone together. We have dragged and brought this film here. Now you have to take it to the people. Everyone has worked so hard, thank you for your support.

Actress Shweta Ramesh said..
This is my first film, I need you to support me, watch the film, you will definitely like it, thanks to all the crew.

Actress Srileka Rajendran said…
Everyone has worked very hard. I have played a small role, but a heartwarming one. Now the ancient arts are dying out. I acted in a film called Chethalum Ayaar Pon, in which Oppari is about to perish. In this film, they have shot Karakatam. The director was beaten on the leg but directed with bandages. This film will surely win. The producer has taken the film out of love for the art. Thank you for supporting this movie.

Special guest Neelamegam spoke…
My thanks to the producer director and team who made this movie. On the Kallakurichi side, our village is Kellavainantham. The director said that he will shoot our village. This film team worked to develop art. I have done my best to help them. Now we leave the film to you. Make the movie a success thanks.

Telephone Raja said…
In today’s era, they are making films based on caste. In such a period, they have kept the art. Munishkanth sir has danced with this body in this film. Kali Venkat is amazing. It is the work of a thousand people. Thank you for supporting the film.

Music composer Henry said,
Thanks to the producer who gave me this opportunity,  thanks to the director Raja Guruswamy who believed in my music and chose me. Wish the film success.

Actor Super Good Subramani said,
I have acted in many films, but the one that gave me the biggest recognition was Mundasupatti, and I haven’t had a film like that since. I hope this film fulfills that, the director has managed a lot physically and mentally, thanks to his hard work this film will definitely be a success.

Actress Swathi Muthu said..
First of all I thank God, this is my first movie and I thank all the crew, this movie is a must watch with family. Thanks to all of you, thanks to my family and friends, without whom I am nothing, I need your support for the film, thanks,

Actor Kali Venkat said..
This is a very important film for me,  I am familiar with the director from the time he made a short film. Raja Guruswamy is my close friend. I am glad he did the film. Thanks to the producer for giving him the film. The producer bought and kept everything needed for the production. He will definitely continue to make films, all the best to him. Henry has composed music in a very simple way that everyone can enjoy. I saw Munishkanth’s performance in this film in the video and it is a pleasure to continue working with him. Thanks to him all the people cooperated in the location. Dhanush sir appreciated the trailer of this film. Thank you for liking the movie too.

Director Raja Gurusamy said,
First of all I am not without my producer, thanks to him. Film crew
[20:34, 7/2/2023] Gold: Thank you all for your great support, this movie will be a family friendly movie with no gore and no gore, you must watch and give your support, thank you.

Actor Muniskanth said,
We have made this film together as a team like Mundasuppatti film, we all worked together to shoot it lively, the director has put in a lot of effort, he has put a lot of faith in this film and made this film day and night. Kudos to the producer for creating such a work of art. I have tried to act in this film, it was a new experience for me, I wish the film a success for sure.