Produced by Chinnasamy Mounaguru under CHINNASAMY CINE CREATIONS and directed by Ramnath T, the movie “Rayar Paramparai” is a commercial comedy film starring Krishna, Saranya, Krithika, Anandraj, Mottai Rajendran and Manophala. The film also stars Kasthuri, KR Vijaya, RNR Manohar, Bhava Laxmanan, Sheshu, Power Star Srinivasan and others. The film will hit theaters worldwide on July 7. In this case, the press conference of the film was held for the crew to attend.

In this event

Lyricist Ganesh Raghavendra said…
An interesting film mixed with comedy is sure to please you. Please watch the film and support. Thanks to everyone.

Lyricist Mohan Raja said,
First of all thanks Chinnasamy sir I wrote three songs in this film director wrote two songs I am working with krishna sir I like his choice of story the music director has given me great support not only today but also from early days all the songs have come out well support the film Thanks.

Director Jagadish said,
My salutations to all the crew this film is loved by all fans, the director is a relentless effort and this is a reward for his hard work, all the best for the success of the film, thank you.

Tamil son Ilango said,
All the crew are very simple people and I got a chance to interact with everyone. The director is a hard worker and this film is a good reward for his efforts. Wish the film a success. Thank you.

Filmmaker Panneerselvam said,
Best wishes to the producer Chinnaswamy for making this film a big success, my best wishes to all the crew, the film will definitely be a success, thank you.

Producer K Rajan said…
A good movie is evident from the trailer itself. Songs, fights, comedy, everything is good. Krishna has acted brilliantly. This is not a small film, they have spent a lot of money, this is a big film. Now a lot of movies seem to incite casteism. They incite casteism as a detriment to that society. But in this film they show a good thing about religion. The hero takes up the work of the Hindu god to save the Muslim girl. Show good things like this, and don’t incite anyone to religious fanaticism. For a film to be successful, the producer is the reason why the directors should realize it. The songs are good in this movie. The film has all the merits to win. Thank you for the success of this film.

Actor Jeeva of Lollu Sabha fame said,
Krishna, the hero of this film, is a long time friend of mine, I acted with him in his first film and we had a good relationship then. It’s been a long time since I saw him in between and it’s nice to be here today. There is hope that the movie has come out well, the movie is like Sundar C sir’s comedy movie and it will definitely be a hit. Mano bala sir I can’t accept your death, you all take care of your body and eat good food and keep your body healthy thanks, wish the film a success.

Heroine Krithika said,
This is my first film, it was a good experience to act with Krishna in the film, the film turned out well, you will definitely like the film, thank you.

Director Ramnath T said,
No matter how hard we write a story, if the protagonist is not right, the film will not stand, Krishna is a good actor, there is life in his eyes, the reason I made this film is a true incident that I saw. I have a societal anger and that is the reason for making this film, the protagonist has become very close to me, this film will give a mark to the music director again, the film has turned out well, you must all like the film and support it, thank you.

Actor Anandraj said,
First of all I would like to pay tribute to the late actor Mano, this film is not a small film, it is a good big film, the producer has done everything necessary for the film, this film is a funny film that talks about caste and religion, a good film that does not demean anyone, the director has taken many comedy parties in the film, You should definitely take the picture to people you like and add this thanks.

Producer Chinnaswamy said,
I always wanted to act, but no one supported me. So I have worked hard for 10 years and made this film and acted in a small role in it. Thank you for supporting a new group like us.