Partner is the first film under the direction of debutante director Manoj Damodaran. It stars Adi, Hansika Motwani, Balak Lalwani, Yogi Babu, Pandiyarajan, Robo Shankar, John Vijay, Ravi Maria, Thangadurai and others. Santhosh Dayanidhi has composed the music for this movie with the cinematography by Shabir Ahmed. Editing by Pradeep E. V Sasikumar has done the art direction for Raghav. This comedy-focused film has been produced by producer Goli Suriya Prakash on behalf of Royal Fortune Creations.

A press meet was held in Chennai to promote the film. During this, actors Aadhi, Pandiaarajan, John Vijay, Robo Shankar, actress Hansika Motwani, cinematographer Shabir Ahmed, music director Santhosh Dayanidhi along with the film crew, directors A. Charkunam, Thangam Saravanan and Das Ramasamy were the special guests.

Actor John Vijay said, “After hearing the story of this film and agreeing to act, the director said to me, ‘You have to play a businessman.’ After that you will have a gang with you. After that he gave a paper saying this is your verse. After reading the first line, I understood. On my right is Yogi Babu. Thangadurai on the left. After that Robo Shankar. How can I talk past them…! So my job is always to take off the glasses and look this way and that in the film.

It’s usually easier to play a girly girl. But playing a man is difficult. But Hansika will definitely impress everyone with her talented performance.

The actors who act in every scene work hard to make the comedy in the scene laugh.

Director Das Ramasamy said, “Manoj was associated with Patner till now in ‘Waiting’. The preview of the film is out. From now on till the release of the film, Patner will be with ‘Patharatam’. After the release of the film, ‘Vetri’ will always be with Patner. I wish you always to be. ” said.

Director Charkunam said, “Thambi Manoj Damodaran is so energetic that he can grab their attention within five minutes, even if he starts talking to strangers. He continues to work as an assistant in the films directed by me. Manoj is the one who attracted attention by giving great search and hard work during that time. I already know this story. What’s more about this is.. telling a story from a different plot and when the director is introduced, the fans never hesitated to celebrate the work. Fans and media welcome them. In that sense, this film is a completely different field. What’s next with more comedy…! What next..! If you create an interesting expectation and give it to the audience, then the film will be successful. Manoj has set such a screen story in this film. So I hope this film will be a huge success and Tamil cinema will give Manoj a big place and recognition.

Patner spends a lot of time talking about the film and director Manoj whenever he meets Aadhi, the hero of the film. In that sense, Aadi also has great faith in this film.

Only a few protagonists in Tamil will have a chance to maintain their presence in both languages. In that way, I would like to express my best wishes to Hero Adi, who has always maintained his presence in both Tamil and Telugu languages.

The biggest strength of this film is the star cast of the film. So there will be no dearth of comedy.

Shabir, who worked as a cinematographer in my film ‘Vagai Chudava’, is making his debut as a cinematographer in this film. My best wishes to him too. I wish the film a great success to the technicians and actors who worked in the film. My salute to director Manoj for his hard work. Congratulations” he said.

Actor Adhi said, “Director Manoj first told me the story of Partner over the phone. ‘I will tell you about the film online in five minutes. If you like it, I will describe it as a story.’ They call each other ‘best friends.. room mates… machan machan.…