Produced by Dhoni Entertainment, ‘LGM’ will hit the theaters on 28th. Directed by Ramesh Tamilmani, this movie stars Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadia, Yogi Babu, R. J. Vijay and many others have acted. Cinematography by Vishwajith has been composed by director Ramesh Tamilmani. Touted to be a full-length family entertainer comedy film, the film is produced by Sakshi Singh Dhoni and Vikas Hasija under Dhoni Entertainment. This movie is presented by Dhoni Entertainment. Shakti Film Factory releases all over Tamil Nadu.

The press meet of the film was held at the Nexus Mall in Chennai. During this Sakshi Singh Dhoni, Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadia, R. J. Vijay, director Ramesh Tamilmani, distributor Sakthi Velan were present.

Distributor Sakthivelan said, “Dhoni is an international cricketer known to the whole world. Because of the adoration Tamil fans have for him, he has made his first film in Tamil, considering Nam Manna as his home land. I am honored to have the opportunity to publish this. This movie will be a complete entertainer to watch with family. The film is the first film to work with Harish Kalyan who is playing the lead role in the film. Ramesh is my friend of 20 years. I am proud that he is making his directorial debut with this film.

A 60-year-old worker in a theater asked me to give Nadiya a chance to draw a picture of him and present it to him in person because of his attachment to her. Actress Nadia has earned many fans like her for the past 20 years. I am very happy that he has also acted in this film.

While talking to the crew and the production team..everything they shared about Thala Dhoni was amazing. He is not an ordinary person like us, but an achiever. Great man. I request everyone to visit the theaters and support his first film in Tamil,” he said.

R. J. Vijay said, “If the director of the film carries the story on his shoulders.. the media carries the cameras on their shoulders and brings this show to the people. First of all, I would like to thank you for that. A storyteller can write a story for a film. The director may direct. Star actors can star in it. But is the film any good? Isn’t it? It is you, the media, who are doing the job of conveying this to the people. Please continue to support this movie.

If we want to talk about this film… Mrs. Sakshi Dhoni visited the opening ceremony of the film. Then his bodyguards kept telling everyone to ‘get out’. Sakshi Dhoni naturally asked them, ‘There is no one. They are so

Next is ‘Thala’ Dhoni. We were expecting him to come when the shoot was going on. did not come But the work of the film was completed and I got a chance to meet him at the music launch. Then he came near me and when he called me by name saying ‘Hello Vijay’.. I was very happy. That moment of meeting him is unforgettable.

Director Ramesh has told me many stories. I also thank him for giving me the opportunity to act in this film. I remembered my college days again while acting with Harish Kalyan. We all worked together enthusiastically on the set. Prince Paul suddenly becomes friendly during the tour. Similarly, during the shooting of the film, Nadia became a friend of all of us as she knew more than seven languages.

Actress Ivana said, “One of the dialogues I speak in the preview is, ‘I have an idea’. It has become popular. I am proud to have spoken this verse. But it was Sakshi madam who really gave this idea. I was very happy while working on this film. We all worked together like a family. My director Ramesh Tamilmani is very cool. He also joins us on set and chats. A director was jovial without strictness. They gave us a lot of freedom. The dialogues in the film seem to be spoken naturally. I learned a lot from the senior actress Nadia Madam in this film. Actor Harish Kalyan has acted in his style in this movie. He prepares for a scene .. like constantly being in the mood for the scene
I learned things from him. I am thankful to Dhoni Entertainment. What movie are you doing after ‘Love Today’ in my film journey? Many people asked the question. This movie will tell the answer to them. I am happy to have acted in this film. I request you to visit the theater to watch this movie and support it,” he said.

Actress Nadiya said, “The biggest attraction for this film is the film production company Dhoni Entertainment. Dhoni’s name is enough…that is the biggest promotion for the film. Ramesh Tamilmani is the director of this movie. Very very talented. Not only the director has also composed the music for the film. He has also sung a song. As we say Captain Dhoni is very cool… he is also a very calm person. We all worked together happily on the set because he was so natural.

The story of this movie is very interesting. There is no message in this film. The idea of this film is Sakshi Dhoni’s. I hope everyone likes it. I would like to express my gratitude to the actors, actresses, technicians and the production team of Dhoni Entertainment. Hit the theaters on July 28. Buy with family. Keep smiling. Go away with a smile.”

Harish Kalyan said, “It’s been three years since my film released in theaters. I was thinking when the movie will release in theaters after corona period. What kind of cinema will come? How will people support? I kept thinking. Fans go to theaters and enjoy the movies released by star actors like Vijay, Ajith, Rajini. Will people visit theaters for the films of budding actors and young actors like me..! There was concern. People are keeping films like ‘Love Today’, ‘Da Da’, ‘Good Night’, ‘Por Thozhil’… to be successful. First of all thanks to people for making such a success. This is something that can be exciting for budding actors like me.

We will admire one another. Like someone. We would have been a fan of one. But Dhoni is not just a personality. feeling Especially the people of Tamil Nadu have an extreme love for Dhoni. The people of Tamil Nadu are more sensitive than that. They are emotionally attached to family and friends. I am one of Dhoni’s millions of fans. The jackpot I got was that I also acted in his first Tamil film. And on behalf of the fans, I would like to thank Dhoni Entertainment, Dhoni and Mrs. Sakshi Dhoni for giving me this opportunity.

Nadiya, Ivana, R. J. Working with Vijay and Yogi Babu was an unforgettable experience. I think the excitement we had on the set is reflected on the screen as well. ” said.

Director Ramesh Tamilmani said, “First of all I would like to thank Mrs. Sakshi Singh Dhoni and Thala Dhoni and their production team for giving me the opportunity to direct LGM.” If Dhoni had thought, he could have given anyone a chance.

If we want to talk about this film, Mrs. Sakshi Ma’am told the plot of the film. I really liked it. I expanded it a bit. Sakshi madam liked it. Then he discussed with Dhoni. Dhoni also gave some instructions.

We wanted to make a simple concept look grand. We discussed it a lot. We selected suitable actors for each role in the film. They also realized their responsibility and acted. Most of the scenes were okay in the first take.

R. J. I told Vijay to act in his nature. I was a bit restrained in making him act naturally. Cinematographer, editor, art director all gave their full cooperation.

It’s a fun movie. In this movie, without cinematic dialogues, the dialogues that speak in daily life have taken place. It has an international dimension when it comes to content. We are not saying anything as a solution to this. We have emphasized that it should be accepted as it is. It is a fantasy subject. We have told that it is appropriate to accept each of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the family as they are. We have not told this as advice but as wonderful moments.

The set was a joy. But the background work was difficult. The collaboration of Yogi Babu, Venkat Prabhu and VTV Vijayan
Can’t sleep. Except me, everyone on the set was experienced. So shooting was easy. I request everyone to visit the theaters on July 28th and watch and enjoy LGM and support it,” he said.

Sakshi Dhoni said, “Language is not a barrier between us and the Tamil people. Dhoni’s reception here is important. Emotional. When he told the story of the film to director Ramesh Tamil Mani, he said that he might make it into a film. The concept of this story came from the lives of my friends and things I heard. And the mother-in-law-daughter-in-law problem is global. In this film we are talking about the constant vibrations of those relationships. Actually this movie is a positive movie. This movie is prepared with entertainment. I would like to thank everyone who has worked with us on this film journey. ” said.