Raghuman-Bharat co-starrer “Samara” is a sci-fi thriller.

The film “Samara” produced jointly by M.K.Subhakaran and Anuj Varghese Wilyadath of Peacock Art House has been released in three languages, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi.

Raghuman, who used to act in films with different storylines and characters like “Dhruvangal Patinaar” has now acted in ‘Samara’ in a role that is very appealing to all parties. Bharat et al
Starring Tom Gad, Bisal Prasanna, Kanus Mathew George, Sonali Sudden, Dinij Villa, Sri La Lakshmi, Chinu Siddharth, Sanjana Dibu, Rahul, Pinoj Doge, Kojni Krishna.

Popular Bollywood actor Meersarwar has acted in the lead roles through the films Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Jolly LLB 2 in Hindi and Vishwaroopam 2 in Tamil.

Cinematography – Chinu Siddharth
Music – Deepak Warrier
Background Music – Gobi Sundar
songs –
Editing – R. J. Pappan
Stunt – Dinesh Ghasi
Dance – Danny Bowle
Produced by – M.K. Subhakaran, Anuj Varghese.
Verse –
Story, Screenplay, Direction – Charles Joseph.

Director Charles Joseph spoke about the film.
With family sentiment
We have made this a thrilling thriller with science.
There is no doubt that the moving screenplay will surely be appreciated by all.

Raghuman and Bharat acting together is a big strength of the film.

The film will be released in theaters soon.