Lockdown Diary Movie Music, Trailer Launch

Ankita Production S. “Lockdown Diarie” is a film that Murali is making with high production costs.

Jolly Bastian, who has worked as a stunt master for 900 films, has directed the film. Cinematographer PKH Das. Music Jazzy Gift

Jolly Bastian’s son Jolly Vihaan (Ameet) is making his debut as the protagonist. Sahana plays the female lead. M. S. Bhaskar,. Mottai Rajendran and many others are acting.

The music and trailer launch of the film took place in Chennai in the presence of journalists and media. Chennai Kanchipuram Thiruvallur District Film Distributors Association President K.Rajan, Pepsi Vijayan, Tavasi Raj, Actors Muthukali, MS Bhaskar, Actress Praveena, Liagat Ali Khan, Narrator Prabhakaran, S.Murali and film crew attended the event.

Director Jolly Bastian gave the welcome address. He said: I have done stunts for 900 films and worked with all the heroes. A film in Kannada. I am the director. I have directed a film called Lockdown Diary as the 2nd film in Tamil. Everyone knows how much hardship people have faced during the lockdown period of Corona. Being paralyzed at home, the youth who went to the shop to buy medicine were beaten up by the police. Various incidents happened like this. After researching and compiling all that, a Lockdown Diary film has been made focusing on how much a young romantic couple is stuck in this difficult time. It is not only a story of lockdown but also a story of families. Watch this movie with your family and support. All of you will definitely like this movie. I have written the song about lockdown in this movie and directed the screenplay and stunts. Prabhakar and SB Rajkumar have written the lyrics. Diamond Babu is supporting us in the work including promotion. Thank you to everyone who attended the event.

Narrator Prabhakaran said:

My contribution in this film is only a part. My friend SB Rajkumar has written part of the dialogues of this film. This film is based on lockdown. A period is recorded in each period. The film will be a film documenting the period of Lal Town. The film is directed by master Jolly Bastian and his son Jolly Vihaan (Amit) has acted. He was the shadow hero i.e. dupe hero for all the heroes in the South. him. I thought that Jolly Master would direct a film in Jackie John’s work. But he writes and directs a wonderful story. Vihaan plays the role of a taxi driver. Lockdown.Diary.is a beautiful romantic, husband-wife family-filled film. Thank you for your support for this film.

Actor MS Bhaskar said:

Jolly Master called me and gave me the freedom to talk and act however you want. He has cast me as the hero’s foster father, a mechanic shed owner. A film with a good storyline. It has action sentiment and comedy. I pray for the success of this film.

Actress Praveena said:

I have acted in many Tamil, Malayalam films and I will only accept good roles. Lockdown Diary is a small role in the film. They asked for 2 day call sheet only. I thought why should I refuse such a small role. When the director told me the story of the film, I liked it very much. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small role, I agreed to act. It will be a movie that everyone will love. The hero has acted brilliantly. Go to the theater and support the film.

Lyricist Muruganantham said:

I have written 3 songs in this film. Everything is fine. Please support Lockdown Diary movie. Thanks.

The actor spoke about pearls:

The movie Lockdown Diary is doing well. I’m in the cinema but I find it eye-opening in a couple of scenes. Good role for me too.. Wish the film success.

Cinematographer PKH Das said:

I suffered in this film as much I suffered in Lockdown. The director will set up such difficult scenes. The film was beautifully shot in two locations, Ooty and Bangalore. Thank you for supporting …
They have called the caste called the people. Many directors buy stories from writers. Those films are successful. Writer weed. I wish the film a success, asking for success.

Stunt Union President Tavasi Raj said:

We have heard of filming the food incident. They will film the incident that happened in some town. For the first time, what happened in every family is captured in Lockdown Diary. This movie should definitely be a hit. This movie is directed by Jolly Master. He has directed this film to introduce his son as a hero in Tamil. Tamil Nadu that keeps Vandar alive will also keep him alive.

Fefsi Vijayan said:

The director of this film is Jolly Master Bike Jumper, whose son has jumped the hero truck of the film. He has done all this risking his life. Rar. In this the hero is shown as a worker. While watching the trailer of this movie, it was clear that they are going to tell a heart-wrenching story.

Protagonist Jolly Vihaan (Amit) speaks:

Thanks to my father, director Jolly Master, producer S.Murali gave me the opportunity to act in this film. I am making my debut as a hero in this film. Accept me and support me.

Chennai Kanchipuram Thiruvallur District Film Distributors Association President J. Rajan said:

Lockdown Diary movie trailer,  songs were awesome. It seems that the film will also be a family affair. The hero who spoke here also spoke in English. Now he has to speak in Tamil. His performance was excellent in the trailer.

Beneficial things for producers are going to happen through Sangam. Today filmmakers are producers. Distributors met Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin and asked him to do favors for the Tamil film industry. Also, we requested permission to hold the artist’s centenary celebrations in various districts on behalf of the film industry, and he has given permission for that too.

80 percent of actors must respect the contract they sign with the producer. 20 percent. People don’t care. We are talking to the actors’ union about taking action against them. Rajinikanth came to Tamil Nadu and the people of Tamil Nadu let him live and he is also fond of the people of Tamil Nadu. Similarly, the people of Tamil Nadu will let this hero who has come to act in Tamil live.

At the end of the ceremony director Jolly Bastian thanked.