Produced by-Shanthi Talkies

Written and Wielded by-Madonne Ashwin

Cast-Sivakarthikeyan, Aditi Shankar, Mysskin, Sunil, Yogi Babu, Saritha and Balaji Sakthivel

Censor Rating -U/A

Running Time-165 Minutes

Rating- ***1/2

Films featuring super hero kind of characters mostly follow the following two templates-the hero is a super hero right from the beginning till the curtains are down and the other type hero is a coward to start with and turns into a man of chivalry as the frames unfold!

But here, the young and energetic Madonne Ashwin has a different tale to share which he does well with utmost care, ably supported in full by Sivakarthikeyan who plays the protagonist!

It is doubtful whether any other hero of his standing and stature would have agreed to don this character that stays meek like mute spectator, most of the time!

Sivakarthikeyan has literally carried the film on his shoulders fueled by his powerful portrayal!

Aditi Shankar who is introduced initially as the sub-editor of a daily newspaper gets reduced to a well wisher of the protagonist’s family, ever ready to extend a helping hand whenever they are in distress!

Yogi Babu is too good for words and his very presence that has been substantiated by his performance invokes instant laughter!

Mysskin has taken a new avatar as the villain of the piece with his body movements and language projecting his character perfectly well!

But the surprise package is the character of Tollywood actor Sunil who scores well with his spontaneity playing the mentor of his long time friend turned politician Jayakodi (Mysskin) who calls the shots on behalf of the Minister!

Balaji Sakthivel is quite impressive as the Chief Minister. Watch him in the scene where he instructs a lady tailor to tailor-make is dress in a manner that hides his tummy!

As like in his maiden outing, Mandela, Maonne Ashwin blends humor with social messages-

the attitude of those in power to build homes at discounted rates while discounting quality too in construction!

It is the gullible poor populace that fall prey to their hidden agenda but with a savior in tow!

Another aspect touched upon by the director is the dominance of migrant workers over the locally available ones, the situation brilliantly presented by Yogi Babu’s character!

Sivakarthikeyan plays Sathya a cartoon strip creator for a newspaper who has a mom (Saritha) and a sister to support!

He gets directed by an external voice (courtesy, Vijay Sethupathy) as a result of which he is forced to turn into a social crusader!

The first half moves at a brisk pace while the second half loses its sheen a bit, leading to an action packed climax with the poorly constructed high rise structure falling down like nine pins!

A trip to the sea by the boat and the rescue operations involving a little girl caught up in the debris lend some cinematic moments without being natural.

But still, an enjoyable fare all the way punctuated with social commentaries soaked with humor!