Produced by-Romeo Pictures

Written and Wielded by -Rajmohan Arumugham

Cast-Abhirami, Ammu Abhirami, Vigneshkanth, Ayaz, Narendra Prasath, Suresh Chakravarthy, Subbu Panchu, Vinodhini, Bose Venkat etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time- 119 Minutes


One healthy aspect of this fun filled flick set against the backdrop of a school peopled by boys and girls is the absence of vulgarity and double meaning words which eventually would be a definite feature of films that showcase such themes set around school going youngsters, especially at the 11th and 12th classes!

A feeling of fear walked in the moment Vigneshkanth walked in as a school going student but the director has projected him as a senior student whose colleagues have got married or pursuing professions as a doctor! A sigh of relief, rather! Further, his presence and performance are quite enjoyable and he scores in the scene where he deliberates on the plight and predicament of failed students!

Abhirami looks good as a mother who has lost her daughter but the portions involving the alleged suicide of her daughter are bit unclear & ambiguous!

The scenes and sequences have been mounted well and the best part of the narration is the feature that neither the teachers nor the parents are shown to be ridiculed by the student community, credit to the writer, director!

Ammu Abhirami looks fetching and has executed herself well.

The rest of the boys too have done quite appreciably.

Santhosh Dayanidhi’s music passes muster.

A good time pass that poses a few lessons to both parents and children!