Produced by-Sakti Ciinee Productions Pvt. Ltd.

Directed by -Raja Gurusamy

Cast-Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Mime Gopi, Hari Krishnan, Srilekha Rajendran, etc

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-141 Minutes


Travelling back in time viewers can never ever afford to forget Karagattakaran the theme of which was centered around folk arts!

Here is a flick the theme of which focuses on one such folk art the scenes and sequences showcasing the strength of such art forms which are slowly but steadily vanishing even in rural belts!

Munishkanth known for his appearances in supportive roles makes a mark as the main character in this film playing a folk artist. It is good to see him move swiftly especially with his physical structure and it would only be fair to say that he has done a neat job.

Kaali Venkat is good but his character lacks scope excepting the scene where he chats with a small boy who approaches him with fond inquisitiveness!

Mime Gopi is the villain of the piece and he is just passable.

The film’s technical credits are just about average.

This flick is a welcome change amidst caste-based films and crime thrillers!