Produced by-Menpani Productions

Directed by Sai Karthik

Cast-Natty Nataraj, Vidya Pradeep, Munishkanth, Nikitha, Aadhavan, Sindhuja etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-112 Minutes


With a hint at the end that there could be a sequel to this crime thriller, the film showcases a plot that is fair enough but the same cannot be said neither of the production values nor of the director’s style of execution while unraveling the suspense behind!

The performance of Natty Nataraj playing the protagonist is the redeeming feature of this flick that manages to hold the attention of the audience only in bits and parts!

Somehow or the other, the good looking Vidya Pradeep doesn’t exactly fit into a character that has shades but yet she is impactive!

A series of murders take place and even before the police department could call the shots, the CBI takes over and from then on it is purely a one man show with Natty taking over!

The action sequences could have been planned and executed better!

Neither the cinematography nor the musical score stand out as value additions!