Produced by-Vetha Pictures

Directed by-M.Selvakumar

Cast-Vetri, Harish Peradi, Shivani Narayanan, Kavitha Bharathi,GP Muthu Aruvi Madhan etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-119 Minutes

Rating- ***1/2

Honesty is the best policy-so goes an old saying!

If honesty and truth dominate to prevail in the lives of all human beings, will not life become much more easier!

This is the crux and essence of this film the plot of which is truly commendable…

Vetri has in fact, moved to the next level in the acting arena and he certainly deserves a pat on his back for his portrayal of the character of the protagonist!

Hareesh Peradi excels in the role of a lottery seller.

As most of the proceedings happen out at the God’s Own Country, the viewers get a feeling that they might be watching a well crafted Mollywood flick!

Govind Vasantha, the scorer deserves mention.

Vinoth Rathinasamy’s camera work warrants definite mention.

A movie that should not be missed!