Produced by-Chinnasamy Cine Creations

Written and Wielded by-Ramnath T.

Cast-Krishna, Saranya, Anandraj, Mottai Rajendran, Manobala, RNR Manohar, Kallori Vinoth, Krithika, Anushula Jitesh Dhawan, Kasthuri and K.R.Vijaya

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-136 Minutes

Rating- ***

A fun filled entertainer this this showcasing humor as its USP without much of a strain to our senses, all meant in a lighter vein!

Krishna returns to the screen after a brief gap but his credentials as an effortless actor who can deliver effectively gets proved yet again!

There are a bevy of beauties in tow vying for his hand but none deserves special mention as their characters have not been shaped up well.

Anandraj plays his role perfectly well blending villainy with humor appropriately!

Mottai Rajendran has bagged an almost full length role but after a point he ends up irritating the viewers.

Set in a rural backdrop with brilliant camera work by Vignesh Vasu supported by some good BGM by Ganesh Raghavendra, the theme revolves around the moves of a smart youthwho fabricates a plan of action to win the hand of his beloved!

Comedy works most of the time while it fails to create a flutter at times!