Mega School Re-Union – ‘Marakuma Nenjam’ music launch party held differently!

Borduma Nenjam movie is shot with a heart touching plot that evokes memories of school days. Ira Co. Rakshan has played the lead role in Yogendran’s Bukumuma Nenjam. He also stars Malina, Deena and prankster Rahul and others.

Cinematography by Gobi Duraisamy, music by Sachin Warrier, editing by Shashant Mali, art by Prem Themamalai, lyrics by Thamarai. The film is directed by Janardhan Chaudhary, Ramesh Panchagnula, Raghu Elluru and Ira Ko. Produced jointly by Yekendran. The music launch of the film – has been held in a very different way than ever before.

Actors, actresses, technical artists of the film along with their fellow students attended the music launch of the movie Borduma Nenjam. Friends of the film’s cast took the stage at a music launch event and released the song.

The director, actors, actresses and technicians of the film Bordumma Nenjam took the school teachers on stage and honored the former students and teachers with special awards. This award is known as the Credit of Appreciation Award. It announced a thanksgiving feast and read, ‘Keep sowing, keep sprouting – thank you’.

The teachers, who received the award, burst into tears on the stage and expressed their happiness. This incident left those who attended the ceremony emotional. The songs were released by the school teachers and the school friends of the artists who worked in the film got them.

The event was filled with school memories for all who attended. Speaking on the programme, the teachers shared their experience of sharing the mischievous acts done by their students during the school days and even after being strictly behaved during the school days, they were called and honored with awards after a long time.

Besides, teachers are always happy to see their students doing well in society. But after getting well in the society, not forgetting the school teachers, it was very moving to call them up and recognize them on stage, said a teacher. Those who attended the program shed tears of joy after listening to the teachers.

The participants of the program expressed their gratitude to the film crew who organized the event saying that they have never seen such a program not only in Tamil cinema.