K. Bhagiyaraj’s world record film 3.6.9 releasing on August 25..

The shooting of the new film 3.6.9 directed by Siva Madhav starring screenplay Mannan K. Bhagyaraj has set a world record in just 81 minutes.

Various new ventures are being made from time to time in the Tamil film industry. Debutant director Siva Madhav has created a new record in this series.

The film team has achieved a great feat by shooting this movie with 24 cameras in about 81 minutes.

The famous director is the protagonist of this film. Actor Bhagyaraj plays the BGS villain and Black Bondi, Angair Kannan, Sukhail, Prabhu, Karthik, Govindarajan, Subhiksha Sebi, Nikita, Bablu play the lead roles and more than 60 actors have acted in the film, including some foreign actors.

Mariswaran has done the cinematography for this film. Music composed by Karthik Harsha. Editing by AK Sreenath. Sriman Balaji has worked as the art director.

The entire shoot of the film was shot with 24 cameras simultaneously. About 600 technicians participated in the making of this film. Hariba Hanib, the founder of Knowledge Engineering, was the judge and witnessed the creation of this film.

This movie is completely based on science.

Actor Bhagyaraj says…..

3.6.9 has made a world record by shooting the movie in about 81 minutes
I am very happy that I also participated in this..

The film will be released worldwide on August 25, he said.