Produced by-Maali and Manvi Movie Makers

Directed by -Vignesh Karthick

Cast-G.V.Prakash Kumar, Gowri G. Kishan, Venkat Prabhu, RJ Vijay etc.

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-139 Minutes

Rating- ***1/2

Blending a strong script with elements of entertainment in place uplifts this flick to a decent height making viewing an enjoyable experience, credit to the maker who has woven a tale of time loops and has eventually ventured the exploration of an alternative universe!

G.V.Prakash Kumar has put his best foot forward and the fact that he has handed over the baton of scoring the music to Justin Prabhakaran (a good job!) has facilitated him to perform well.

Gowri too is quite impressive.

Jeeva is dejected and depressed to the core owing to the force of circumstances while an accident pushes him into an alternative reality!

Gowrei as Senthazini carries her character well while GVP alternates effectively and efficiently as both Jeeva in one world and Arjun in the other!

Venkat Prabhu’s presence and performance in both the worlds create a flutter.

Justin’s musical score adds pep to the proceedings.

A sensibly crafted and sensitively executed science-fiction!