Produced by-PGS Production & Friday Film Factory

Written and Wielded by-Shiva Madhav

Co-Producer-M.P. Anandh

Cast-K.Bhagyaraj, PGS Black Pandi, Angayar Kannan, Alam Shagh, Naresh Shree etc


A well crafted science fiction that unveils the mysterious happenings in the first half only in the second half.

The screenplay is watertight retaining the suspense element till the latter half of the movie.

Veteran script writer, director, K.Bhayaraj plays a church priest and there is a hidden element in his characterization.

PGS is impressive as Cyrus.

As the Church gets ready for the Services, a group of gun wielding men enter and take over. They threaten the priest forcing him to hand over a formula which is in his kitty.

As the screenplay unfolds, we get to more about the reason behind the happenings and the climax is action packed.

A laudable attempt within the confines of a limited budget.