Produced by-Streetlight Pictures

Written and Directed by-Joe Giovanni Singh

Cast-Rio Raj, Joe Giovanni Singh, Moonila, Jaineesh, Gunalan etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-150 Minutes


Ideas generated in the minds of the writers and directors, (here, the same person is the writer, director and lead actor too!) may be laudable but when it comes to translating those ideas and concepts on the big screen, there is every possibility that the gap in between may not exactly be bridged!

But still, the efforts need to be lauded as the central idea of the plot is palatable enough!

Shot mostly in Singapore, the theme showcases two aspects- human organs trafficking as well as a few of those employed in travel arrangement outlets exploiting those vulnerable customers who come to them for travel bookings. Knowing fully well that the person and his family are travelling, they try to loot his property!

There is a character called Singapore Rajini, the actor, proving a scene-stealer!

References are made about MGR’s Nalai Naadhey film which is showcased on a lighter vein.

Joe Giovvanni Singh makes a good impact in a stellar role who has assumed very many portfolios but has still managed to balance well.

The cinematography of Saleem Bilal Jitesh gives the audience a good glimpse of Singapore.

A good theme handled reasonably well.