Produced by-Ankitha Productions

Story, Screenplay, Stunts, and Direction- Jolly Bastiaan

Cast-Vihan Jolly, Sahana, Neha Saxena, M.S.Baskar, Motta Rajendran and Jolly Bastiaan

Rating- **1/2

A well-meaning film that deliberates on the hurdles people had to pass through while lock down was imposed during Covid -19 time but blending it with a romantic tale and slicing it up with human emotions proves a tough task for the stunt choreographer turned filmmaker who has also donned the role of the heroine’s father.

The character of the hero enacted by debutante Vihan has been shaped up with depth but the actor should still polish his acting skills but given the fact that he is a first timer, he has certainly gone about his character with a lot of confidence.

The two girls in question have both done their parts with reasonable understanding.

Surprisingly, M.S. Baskar’s performance looks a bit dramatic especially in the emotional sequences.

The film’s stunt choreography deserves mention.