Andhai’ trailer and songs released!

Writer S. Ramakrishnan stole my story: ‘Andhai’ film writer Kumural!

The movie ‘Andhai’ is being produced by Naveen Manikandan on behalf of Zee6 Movies. Millat Ahmed from Singapore wrote and produced the story, screenplay, dialogues and songs.

It is shaping up to be a suspenseful crime thriller. The trailer and songs of this film were released yesterday.

Actor Vijay Vishwa attended the event as a special guest. The film’s scriptwriter and producer Millat Ahmadu, Naveen Manikandan who directed the film, music director S.R. Ram, Vikas playing the lead role in the film, Yajini Murugan playing the female lead, actor and journalist Bailwan Ranganathan, famous singer Nagur Anipa’s son Nelashad Anipa,
Mohanarangan of the Sound Recorders Association, Jenish of Action Reaction Distribution Company
Others participated.
Speaking at the event, writer Millat Ahmed said,

“Writer S. Ramakrishnan stole my award-winning story which I wrote as a story and made into a short film.
It became a film by making the story of the film ‘Ayodhi’. The film was also a huge success. The story is in my collection of short stories ‘Singapore Gadambam’. I have sources for this.

When I asked about this, the writer S. Sasikumar, who acted in Ramakrishnan, never answered this.
No one was willing to listen to me and discuss with me.
I struggled in this regard and at one point I felt disgusted and tired and left. The voices of the simple people are not taken in the cinema.
Only great writers do such story thefts. This is sad. The story of this film ‘Anthiya’ takes place in one night. The film has been made to be liked by everyone,” he said.

The film, which is being developed as a psycho thriller story, has been completed in a single week.

The film ‘Andhai’ has been created as a combination of excitement, excitement, love, suspense, horror, comedy, glamour and songs for commercial cinema.