Team Kushi mesmerized everyone at Kushi Musical Concert with blockbuster performances

The music concert of the film ‘Kushi’ starring Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha was grandly held in Hyderabad on Tuesday evening. The program mesmerized the music lovers throughout. Singers Javed Ali, Sid Sriram, Manjusha, Chinmayi and music director Hesham Abdul Wahab impressed everyone by singing the beautiful songs from the movie ‘Kushi’ in this music concert. The audience gave a standing ovation to the live performance of Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha for the title song of ‘Kushi’. Directed by Shiva Nirvana and produced by Naveen Yerneni and Y Ravi Shankar under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers, ‘Kushi’ is gearing up for a pan-India release on September 1. In the music concert,

Anand Devarakonda said – I came with the family to enjoy the ‘Kushi’ music concert as an audience. I did not expect to be called on stage to speak. I will tell you what love is through the dialogue of my film Baby. Without whom your life is not yours, that is true love. I want to sing a song from the movie Baby for my elder brother Vijay and Samantha. I see two beautiful actors in front of me in the form of Vijay and Samantha. Let’s enjoy and celebrate Kushi in theaters on September 1.

Cinematographer G. Murali said – After Andhala Rakshasi in Telugu, this is another love story film that I am doing. I would like to thank my family for encouraging me in my career. I am on this stage because of them. Thanks to Mythri Movie Makers. Seeing good producers like Ravi and Naveen for the first time. I was doing raw rustic movies and director Shiva gave me an opportunity to work on Love Story. In ‘Kushi’, Aradhya and Viplav’s characters are lovable. You will not forget these two after watching the movie. Everyone will enjoy this movie on September 1.

Mythri movie makers CEO Cherry said – We are happy to organize the ‘Kushi’ music concert in such a grand manner. Music director Hesham has brought every singer and musician and is doing such a good program. Thanks to him for the fantastic music. Vijay’s dear comrade was produced by us. You all know much Samantha special song in Pushpa created sensation. It is a pleasure to have both of them working in our production once again. Also thanks to director Shiva for making a memorable movie for us. When I wanted to do some big event for ‘Kushi’ I thought a music concert would be good. Hope everyone will enjoy the event.

Music director Hesham Abdul Wahab said – Thanks to every singer who supported to organize ‘Kushi’ music concert. Also, I cannot forget the support received from Mythri movie makers to give beautiful music to this movie. We took 15 days for the music of this film, me and the director Shiva stayed locked in a hotel room without coming out. My dear wife Aisha gave me the inspiration to compose songs and music with love feeling in ‘Kushi’. All my family members came for this concert. Let’s celebrate love and music in theaters on September 1.

Vikram Mehra from Saregama Music Label said – More than 20 crore people have listened to ‘Kushi’ songs on YouTube and music apps. I would like to thank Mythri Movie makers for giving such a big hit audio to our organization. If you listen to the songs of this movie, you will feel the magic of love.

Producer Naveen Yerneni said – We have done many events on behalf of our company so far. But such a beautiful music concert was never done. Vijay is a dear comrade to our production. The movie did not get the success as much as we expected. But I am very confident about the movie ‘Kushi’. This movie is going to be a big hit. Every movie done by Samantha Garu in our production is a blockbuster. You have seen how successful Janatha Garage, Rangasthalam and Pushpa have been. This is an example that ‘Kushi’ will also be successful. Thanks to director Shiva for making such a good movie for us. Thanks to all the cast and crew of ‘Kushi’. Watch our movie in theaters on September 1.

Producer Y Ravi Shankar said – Vijay and Samantha are happy to work in our company once again. We have to say that ‘Kushi’ is the best of the movies we have enjoyed and produced. Travelling with director Shiva Nirvana was a memorable journey. We are going to do another film with him soon. Samantha garu never says no to work in our production. See you in theaters on September 1.

Director Shiva Nirvana said – Married couples’, those who are not married, those who don’t want to get married in their life, everyone will share the memories of their love life after watching Kushi movie. They will love the film and give hugs to each other after coming home. Throughout the movie, you will see Viplav and Aradhya instead of Vijay and Samantha. I will not say that this is a new story, there will be twists and turns. But it will touch your heart. I have been married for four years. All the times when I was in love, angry, happy and sad with my wife were reflected in this movie without my knowledge. ‘Kushi’ will make you laugh and cry. After coming out of the theater, you feel like going to the cinema again. The whole family can watch our movie without any problem. After finishing the movie you will feel like I have a good family. Vijay and Samantha were the two diamonds I found to make this story unfold as planned. After watching Arjun Reddy, I’ve become big fan for Vijay and I have shown all the love for Vijay in this movie. I didn’t say I was a fan of anyone. But I woll claim to be a fan of Samantha any day. Come and watch ‘Kushi’ for two and a half hours of emotion and entertainment guaranteed.

Heroine Samantha said – I fell in love with the ‘Kushi’ album after listening to the songs during the shooting time. Listening to the songs live here makes me want to fast forward time and watch the movie with you all on September 1st. We always want to give you a movie that you all like. We have made such an attempt with this film. Mythri producers are my favorite producers. They are also my favorite human beings. I can’t forget the support they have been giving me for the past year. The memorable movie in my career is ‘Kushi’. Thanks to director Shiva Garu for giving me the opportunity to act in this. Hesham you know how Telugu audience love you and own. There are many senior artistes in ‘Kushi’. Their contribution made the movie stronger. I will come back healthy for the love you show me. Blockbuster is guaranteed.

Hero Vijay Devarakonda said – My thanks to all those who came here for the ‘Kushi’ music concert, and to all those watching on TV and YouTube. Wishing you Kushi on September 1 from me. No matter where you are in the world, whether you speak Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada or Malayalam, we will come to spread happiness to you. Can’t remember how long it’s been since I gave a movie for you to celebrate. A super hit is due to all of you. Although I have been talking to director Shiva regularly about the works of this film for the past month. Every time he tells me the same thing. On September 1, I should see a smile on your face, Vijay Bro. He is working with that only in mind. He does not want to tell me how much love Shiva has for me, but I know. All of you who are watching the movie in theaters on September 1 will know how much Shiva loved this movie. The success of this film should be seen not in my face but in Samantha. I can’t tell you how hard she worked for this film. We started the film very happily in April. Major part shooting was completed. Samantha said that she was not feeling well when the 30-35% of the shoot was left in July. I and Shiva used to say to Samantha that you are so beautiful, you will be healthy. Initially thought it will took 3 days, then 2 weeks time. However, the health did not improve. I came to know about her health condition when I went for another film promotion. Because we as actors have to make the audience laugh. We don’t want to tell our sorrows. Samantha was not feeling well for a few days and stopped talking to us. She struggled so much. But on one occasion Samantha came forward to talk about her health condition. Because many people are facing similar health problems after covid. Samantha revealed her health condition to give courage to them that I too am battling like you. Today, when we are doing promotional events, many people come and say that Samantha is our inspiration. They are sharing the problems they are facing. She still doesn’t feel well. But she came here for us today and danced with me. I want to see smile on Samantha face on September 1. Also, we want to give a hit to our director Shiva. Shiva told me this script in Dear Comrade time and I liked it a lot. But I have been holding back not to do love stories. No matter how many hurdles were faced in the shooting, Shiva has not complained about anything even for a single day. He came to work loving the movie and smiling. The movie needs to be a hit for him. Our cinematographer has worked very committed. Hesham also gave super hit music. Mythri has Pushpa The Rule, they will get full money. I have been in the industry for six years. You all love me so much. No matter how many people around me have changed in my hits and flops, you have not changed. You are with me alwys showing love to me. I wish to see smile on all your faces on September 1st.