Attu’ film director Ratan Linga’s production started with Pooja!

Production No. 2 jointly produced by Bamboo Trees Cinemas and Almuriat started shooting in Tiruvallur with a grand opening today.

Produced by ‘Attu’ film director Ratan Linga and Rajakumar Velusamy, this film is directed by Mannavarajan, Production No. 2. In this movie
Lenin Balaji is the cinematographer and Nagarajan is the editor.
Producer Ratan Linga, the founder of Bamboo Trees, is introducing a new actor called Arajun through this film. Mulla, who acted in the film Sembi, is playing the lead role.

Ratan Linga is a director but he is making this film in such a way that a good story telling director gets a chance.

Directed by director Mannavarajan, the film talks about a medicinal species that has been hidden from our history.
The film is being made with the aim of national awards along with fan appreciation.

It is to be noted that the film “Lock” which has already been produced by director, producer Ratan Linga and Almuriat Rajakumar Velusamy is going to hit the screens very soon.