Chiragu Montessori School (Free School for Underprivileged Children of India) run by Swayam NGO located in Tiruvallur District. ICSE gets its affiliation with support from NTT DATA and various philanthropists.

Mr. Niranjan Kumar, Senior Vice President, NTT Data and team presented a bus to the school on 14.08.23 to mark the 20th anniversary.

Rudram (Theatre Play Dance Drama, Suya’s new venture) The show was performed in the presence of celebrities and donors.

Madhavaram MLA Mr. Sudharsanam, Scientist Dr. Kavita and guests distributed prizes to Rudram participants.

About Wing Montessori School:

Chiragu Montessori School, an initiative of Suyam Foundation, is committed to providing quality education and holistic development opportunities to underprivileged children of Nomadic and Tribal communities.

It is the only institute in India that offers free education in ICSE board syllabus. The institute aims to equip students with knowledge, skills and values that will enable them to lead fulfilling lives, make a positive impact on society and be the voice of the voiceless.

About Swayam Trust (Regd.) is an organization that has touched the lives of countless people over the past 25 years. Focusing on the most vulnerable members of society,
They have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate slum children, beggar children, jackals, boomboom cowherds, shirt pioneers and empower women in these communities.
Their efforts to educate children and provide alternative employment opportunities have given students the opportunity to pursue their interests and careers. Some of these students have become doctors and engineers, while others have pursued higher education abroad. Swamy Charitable Foundation’s Chiraku School initiative has been instrumental in providing these opportunities and changing the lives of many individuals.