Struggle in cinema for 30 years
Independence Day special song written by poet,
“Free country – Vande Mataram”
Chitra, Shankar Mahadevan, GV Prakash, Antonidasan
Published in Voices.

Thirumaran enters cinema with a lot of dreams. A few years later, in 1994, he got the opportunity to work as the last assistant director in the film “Kalam Varyippochu” directed by V. Shekhar. After that, in the year 1998, Thirumaran wrote two songs “Wada Wanna” and “Hey Papa, O Papa” as a lyricist for the film “Golmaal”.

Later he continues to work as an assistant director in the cinema, participates in many script discussions, but time passes without finding a stable place, income or life.

After that, he wrote the song “Tattakka Pitakka” in the movie “Maya” directed by Rama Narayanan.

It was this Thirumaran who introduced Anthony Dasan to the cinema for the first time as an actor while working as an associate director in the film Makalirkaga.

Thirumaran has the ability to write songs as well as the ability to sing them. Thirumaran sings the songs written by him beautifully. People who know about him usually enjoy listening to the song whenever he comes.

Once, Thirumaran sings a song to Antonithasan, who grew up as a singer and composer. He tells Thirumaran that he will release this song through our music label “Folk Marley Records” because Anthony Dasan likes the song with very beautiful and rich ideas.

That song is the song of Swathi Desame Vande Mataram. A song that speaks of the pride of our country India. Today Folk is out on the Marley Records YouTube channel.

After 1998, after almost 25 years, Thirumaran is back in limelight as a lyricist.

“Sudanthara Desame Vande Mataram” was sung by Chinnakuil Chitra, Shankar Mahadevan, Jeevi Prakashkumar, Antonithasan, Kesav Ram, Reetha Antonithasan, Hashwant, Meenakshi Ilayaraja and Kuttippappa Raudibaby Varshini.

Everyone who has listened to this song appreciates that the song and lyrics are heart touching. They say with confidence that Thirumaran will write many more songs as a lyricist. The song “Sudanthara Desame Vande Mataram” is here to celebrate this Independence Day. We present this song as our small gift to our people on the 77th Independence Day of our country.

Song Lyrical Video Link:

A free country has come

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram
Vande Mataram Vande Mataram
Vande Mataram

Stanza 1:
Mother India touching the sky
Ingrown hair border
That charming Kumari
The feet are bounded by Bharata
The root of the forehead is the Ganges
If it flows in the east, it is a border
By the sight of marble lightning
Balay is the boundary on the west
Vande Mataram Vande Mataram

Stanza 2:
We are the leaves of the banyan tree
Isn’t she the root of the nail?
We are the birds of that sky
Isn’t it her lap?
Although languages differ among races
Wasn’t it the mother who gave the breath?
Although hidden in caste in religions
Aren’t we humans her servants?
Vande Mataram Vande Mataram

Stanza 3:
All that chased the tiger
Purananuttu Veeramada
Gandhi in the way shown by that Buddha
A hundred is not enough to fight
Unity is light and freedom
Here’s the pride of getting it
The fire of diversity that burns here
It’s not cruel to watch
The fire of diversity that burns here
Isn’t it our duty to watch and turn off?

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