Visiting a Lab to undergo a set of tests has become a common norm these days and very many city based Labs just regard it as a routine ritual.

Here is a Lab. that stands out away from the crowd…

One has to experience that expertise exhibited at this particular Lab. to know how it stands out separately from the crowd…

Experience & Expertise in lab Diagnostics since 1973

With the rise in chronic and lifestyle diseases, there has been an increased demand for accurate and efficient diagnostic testing services. The diagnostics labs play a crucial role in the healthcare ecosystem, helping the hospitals, doctor , and other healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about patient care.

Started in 1973 , by late Shri. Ganapathy , Sri Sai labs has grown to be the best trusted lab in Mylapore and its surroundings

Known for its quality and report accuracy the lab grew to be a trusted partner for clinical decision support. 

Humain  Diagnostics  a reputed  wellness & diagnostics chain partnered with Dr. Ramesh Iravatham, head of Sri Sailabs, one of the oldest and leading medical diagnostics network to establish the state-of the-art- laboratory in Chennai with the best of equipment & latest technology  and set up a large standalone reference lab in Chennai as Humain Diagnostics.

The NABL approved lab is well equipped to conduct and process a wide variety of  tests and is capable of processing about 5000 samples in a day and delivering results quickly while maintaining the best-in-class quality.

Additionally, the Lab will have access to the entire Pathology test menu of over 1800 investigations covering routine investigations, & advanced investigations including molecular genetics, histopathology, hormone studies, etc. benefiting the population of Chennai & looking to expand into the rest of Tamil Nadu into the tier II & III  districts.

Mr.Arjun Director, Humain Healthtech P Ltd, “This is the golden jubilee year of our lab. With its rich heritage, we are rapidly expanding our presence and invite franchisees to be a part of our journey. Humain also has operations in Vijayawada and Bangalore and is expanding its foot print through acquisitions and partnerships”

Dr Iravatham Ramesh Director, of Humain Diagnostics Chennai said, “Our 50 years of serving the customers have given us meaningful insights into world-class customer care which is our top priority. Delivering timely, accurate, reliable results to doctors and direct customers is the core value that we stand forWe are passionate to serve & are committed to using the latest technology and scientific advancements to improve patient outcomes and provide accurate diagnosis and treatment monitoring”

Humain Diagnostics has 15 collection centres and plans to open 75 franchised collection centres this year to serve the larger community quickly and accurately.

People can avail of services such as preventive health checks, home collection, and specialty blood tests. The Sugam wellness packages are scientifically designed keeping in mind the age of the customer & also the overall health needs of people.  For a home visit, booking and other service inquiry call  91 2005 2004.

A truly exhilarating experience exhibiting expertise is what one would want to say after visiting this Lab.