Director Cheran introduced the new logo for Pudiya Thalaimurai’s ‘Tamilan Virudhu’

No matter how many awards I get, I am more happy to get a ‘Tamilan Award’; Director Cheran

New Generation Television’s 10th Annual ‘Tamilan Award’ Ceremony; Cheran introduced a new logo

Pudiya Thalaimurai TV, which has a duty to do social work beyond news work, as a part of such social work, for the past nine years, has selected Tamilians who have achieved achievements in 6 fields and honored them by giving them Tamilan awards.

The awards are given in two categories namely Tamilan Awards for outstanding personalities in the fields of art, literature, sports, industry, social work, science and technology and Hope Star Awards for young people striving to achieve in those fields.

Accordingly, the ’10th Annual Tamilan Awards Ceremony’ will be held on 11th August at Nandambakkam Trade Centre, Chennai. In connection with this, an event was held today in front of the media to introduce the new symbol for the Tamilan Award of New Generation Television.

Actor and director Cheran was the special guest at the event and introduced this new symbol. Rajamani, Chief Executive Officer of New Generation Group, News Director Srinivasan, News Section Executive Editor Tirupathi, Program Section Executive Editor Carmel and Program Director Selvakumar participated in this event.

Speaking at this event, New Generation Television’s Program Section Executive Editor Carmel said, “These efforts are just a few of our efforts to solve art, literature, and economic events beyond the news. Sahitya Akademi awardees, Padma awardees and all the greats participated in this Tamilan award and made us proud and also elevated themselves,” he said.

Director and actor Cheran said, β€œIt is a pleasure to participate in this event to introduce the Tamil Awards. It is a joy to be called a Tamilian.. We can get any number of awards.. but to get the name of our mother tongue Tamilan award is a great joy.. a great privilege.. I see it as a great guidance to give that happiness to the young achievers and achievers. It is not a big deal to give awards to those who have achieved.. They also give awards to those who are going to achieve. So I came to this event inspired.

Do good.. otherwise be with those who do good.. praise those who do good.. don’t speak ill of those who do good.. I have come here hand in hand with you who do good like that.. Mere energy alone cannot achieve. Experience never gets a chance to achieve. It’s a pleasure to have experience and energy here. As always, my request is that you, as a new generation, create life for the new generations,” he said.

The highlight of the program will be the hosting of a part of the event to be held on August 11th at the Nandambakkam Trade Center in Chennai by a host created through artificial intelligence technology.