Team Jailer meet the press and media and thank them for thesuccess of the film.

Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie Jailer, produced by Sun Pictures and directed by Nelson, was released on August 10th, 2023 and ever since, it has been running successfully in theaters. This film continues its success atthe box office, not only in Tamilnadu but also in other states and worldwide. On account of this, Team Jailer met the press to thank the public and the media for making the film a huge success.

Speaking at the event, actor Vasanth Ravi said, ‘When director Nelson called me for this film, he said that this is the most important central character in the film. There are many opportunitiesto act. It will definitely give you a good name. Beyond that, it will take you to the next level.’ In the same way, today his word has been fulfilled. Everyone has adesire to feature in at least one song in Anirudh’s music. But I got anopportunity to act in the song Rathamaarey with Rajini Sir. My earlier films got support from you. Apart from that, Jailer has become a milestone in my filmjourney. It is every actor’s dream to act in at least one scene with Rajini sir. It is fulfilled for me. When I wanted to act in cinema, I went and met Rajini sir for the first time. At that time, neither of us knew that we were going to act together in the future. After that, he has been praising and encouraging my films like Taramani and Rocky. I was very emotional on the last day ofJailer. I went to Rajini sir and said that today is my last day in this film. Iwill miss you a lot. I want to act in a film with you again. He told me thesame thing. Nelson sir is the main reason why this film became such a hugesuccess. I have seen the hard work he has put into this film since its inception. Today, the results for that have exceeded expectations. This character Arjun Muthuvel Pandian will always be in my life and in my heart,” he said.

Stunt director Stun Siva said, “I saw Rajini sir forthe first time as a child in the film Garjanai. After that I got the opportunity to work with him in films like Yejaman, Mannan, Pandian, Muthu. I have worked in more than 300 films so far. Jailer is the first time I am working as a stunt director for a Rajini sir film. Nelson and I have worked this together so that every fight scene is mass so that all the fans of superstar can enjoy it. If the action sequences in this film have a good reputation, it is because of director Nelson. The cinematographer of thisfilm is Vijay Kartik Kannan who is more of a Rajini fan than me, watched and sculpted the scenes of the superstar,” he said.

Actor Sunil said, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to act in this film. I am thankful to Maran Sir, Director Nelson and Sun Pictures for giving me the opportunity to act in this film. I am also thankful to Cinematographer Vijay Kartik Kannan for making me look sobeautiful.”

Actress Mirnaa said, “Thanks to director Nelson for trustingme with this role. Ever since the release of this film, I have received immenselove from people. Even while talking to the editor Nirmal before the release ofthe film, he said that this film will change your life after its release. Thatis what is happening now. Acting with superstar Rajini sir as an artiste wouldbe everyone’s dream. For me it was fulfilled a little too soon. I acted withhim for 35 days. I Learned Every Thing From Him Every Day This is the secondfilm with Lalettan. I have just come back after watching this movie in Kerala yesterday. Sunil sir is so welcomed there. If he goes there, they will celebrate. This movie is being celebrated in Kerala. “Jailer is the most important film in my life,” she said.

Actor Harshath said, “I have been working with director Nelson for 12 years. Many people think that he has reached this great place insuch a short time, but I have witnessed the hardships he went through to reach this place. During the last five days of Jailer shooting, Nelson was suffering from a high fever but kept it all aside and concentrated on work. When I cameto cinema, I came with the idea of wanting to be Rajini. I thought we would see him in person and got the privilege of acting with him in this film. It took mea month to get out of the frozen feeling when he gave me his hand in praise ofmy performance,” he said.

Lyricist Super Subu said, “Director Nelson didn’t know who Iwas when I wrote this song. This opportunity came through music composer Anirudh. Superstar Rajinikanth is like Vigraham who is kidnapped in this film.I wanted to write this song in a way that would suit the fans to celebrate himin any place. The response to this song is gratifying,” he said.

Actor Jaffar Sadiq says, “I tried to work with director Nelson in two films already but due to some reasons it got postponed and now Igot that opportunity through Jailer. Thanks to director Nelson for giving me acharacter that appears throughout the film.

Actor Redin Kingsley said, “The last time I was speakinghere at a press meet about a year ago, they asked me what Nelson was doing. Itold him that he is frantically writing the story. I scolded him for that. But now he has given a film so madly. Jailer film celebration is like if ten Diwalis come in one day. Anyway this film will touch thousand crores.

Director Nelson said, “This success is due to Rajini sir’s power, aura and his fans. Cinematographer. Vijay Kartik Kannan is always active and I think he has some spiritual remedy for this. He is also a fan of Rajini sir, but if he doesn’t believe in certain things, he will openly say so. If thefilm has been worked for a long time, it will be the editor. Even on the day ofthe film’s release, he was doing some work. Similarly, art director Kiran askedif there is a chance to act in this film. But I told him to focus his full attention on the set. I thought he would blame something in his anger, but hehas done a wonderful job. Stun Shiva master has been in touch with me since KolamaavuKokila. Only then did I see the films he had worked on. Immediately I roped himto work in Jailer. Not only him but also his two sond came and worked togetherfor the shoot.I have worked with Jani Master for the fourth time in thisfilm. The Kaavaalaa song choreographed by him became a huge promotion for thefilm. There was doubt whether actor Sunil would agree to act in this film. Buteven after agreeing and acting well, he would eagerly ask if he could be tagged again. We took a take for me and a take for him sometimes and used whichever was best. We first spoke to five or six people for the character Mirnaa plays in this film. But after seeing Mirnaa’s performance, I didn’t think of choosing anyone else for the role. Mirnaa is one of the actors who took less takes inthis film. When the Hukum song was written for this film and came to me, I asked Anirudh if it was the Rajini fan club president who had written it. He made it as an action song to that extent. Redin Kingsley has been travelling with me from my first film. Even if he says he is not coming, I will blackmail him with old sentiments. But after entering the film, he blackmails us. He even comes andparticipates in story discussions. But he says something unnecessarily and gets angry. Both Kannan Sir and Sembian Sir took over the production duties onbehalf of Sun Pictures. If Kalanithi Maran sir thinks he can get away with telling a story in one line, he too will sit patiently and listen to the storyfor not two and a half hours but even up to 5 hours. Maran Sir considered this film close to his heart. The reason why fans are celebrating this film so much is because Rajini sir had a lot of faith in the script of this film. After watching the film, he praised it as ten times better than I thought. Rajini sir had full faith in me when many people looked at me with doubt. He is currently on a spiritual journey in the Himalayas while the film is running successfully here. When he comes, I should meet him in person and thank him,” he said.

Also,“In this film, we have used Rajini sir’s eyes in close-ups. That’s because whenever he looks at us, his eyes are determined. It was not only me but cinematographer Vijay Kartik Kannan also told me this that he wanted to put more emphasis on Rajini sir’s eyes. Watching those scenes in the film with the background music was a mass,” he said.