50th Day Celebration of “Mamannan” Movie !!

Produced by Red Giant Movies, directed by Mari Selvaraj, starring actors Udayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Bhagat Basil and Keerthy Suresh, Mamannan is a masterpiece of social justice. The film has crossed 50 days in theaters after becoming a blockbuster hit due to public demand. A grand ceremony was held yesterday to celebrate this. All the technicians and actors who worked on the film were given mementoes in the ceremony which was held in the presence of journalists, theater owners and distributors to attend the film crew.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, Director Mari Selvaraj, Music Director AR Rahman, Actor Vadivelu, Keerthy Suresh attended the function and presented prizes to the artists who worked in the film. Red Giant Movies M. Senpakamurthy and Arjundurai were present.

In this ceremony

Red Giant Movies co-producer Arjun Durai said..
Thanks to the theater owners and distributors for making Mamannan a huge hit for Red Giant Movies. Thanks to the great support from the press. Everyone who worked in the film worked like their own film. Our thanks to all of them. Our thanks to Mari Selvaraj.

Actress Keerthy Suresh said…
Thanks to the journalists who made the film a success. If the acting gets praise, it is because of the directors who made it, thank you Mari sir. This trip with you Udayanidhi sir was very good. I never imagined that I will act with Vadivelu sir. Very happy. Thanks to AR Rahman who sang for me. Thanks Bhagat Basil, Raveena and all artists.

Actor Vadivelu said..
Today is a very happy day. Udayanidhi made this movie Mamannan a huge hit. I have done many comedy films. This film has become equivalent to the entire film of my life. A film I will never forget. Mari Selvaraj had great clarity when he narrated the story. He had the story for the film 30. Thanks to Aiya AR Rahman who made me watch this film without batting an eye. Many scenes in this film did not let me sleep and shook me. There was life in every scene. A lot of people called me and praised me for the film, Mari Selvaraj should grow up. He wants to make a comedy film. Big thanks to Red Giant Movies for this opportunity. It is a great pleasure to be on this stage. Thanks people.

Music composer AR Rahman said..
For 20, 30 years, I had this anxiety about why this was happening. I couldn’t do anything in music so I joined people who did that and that’s it. When Udayanidhi and Mari Selvaraj came and told me, I did not think that it would be such a big success. Vadivelu sir, who I like the most, has acted brilliantly. Keerthy has acted well. Udhayanidhi is such a great actor, the pain in his eyes during the bike ride scene is why a song was created. Thanks to everyone who has put in a lot of effort in the film.

Actor Udayanidhi Stalin said..
Big thanks to AR Rahman sir. Thanks to all the artists who worked on this film. Thanks to the great support from the press. When this film started, I knew that this song would be important, but Mari Selvaraj is the reason why it became such a great work. He looked at each one. Thanks to him. When Keerthi hit me in the film he said that the film will be a huge success, I teased that if I get hit, it will be a success. But the film was a huge hit. My first film was a huge success and my last film was also a huge success and I am very happy. We had decided not to do the film when Vadivelu said he was not acting. He is the film, thanks to him for agreeing to act. Bhagat Basil was the main pillar in the film. Thanks to him. Thanks to everyone.

Director Mari Selvaraj said..

Father-in-law’s 50th day. Uday sir called and said take my last picture. As he asked, I took a good picture and gave it. Thanks to all the photographers who contributed to it. I just want to say one thing, I may be singing the same song but I’ll be singing it all my life, I’ll pull the guts out of my stomach and turn it into a lion and bring it back to the streets, I’ll keep looking for ears to hear the truth Thank you.